Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Zone Conference!

one Conference was awesome!

We left early Tuesday morning because Elder Oliva requested if he could go to his first area which was close to the Area we were going to first before the Zone Conference. He got the approval and away we went! Traveling on the boats is super fun, you get to take some awesome pictures! I also got to hang out with Elder Gallen! From my first area, does everyone remember Elder Gallen!? He is still here and is doing great, it was great to hear from him again, and talked to him about how his mission has been going!

At the end of the day we met up the Zone and ate at Pizza Hut which was super delicious and then traveled to the Hotel which was super nice (To the Phillipines.) the most important thing was... THE HOT SHOWER! ohhh mann.. I took a 45min shower before I went to bed, and another 20min shower in the morning! it was a nice day haha, it kind of hurt though because I got sun burned on the boat pretty bad, but it was worth it I didn't care. Zone conference was awesome! As usual it was filled with the spirit, and I received tons of thoughts and impressions according to my situation right now in my new area and stuff, I love Zone Conferences, and also as usual I got to see some of my old friends from old areas in the Mission which is always fun to do! Everyone is always just so happy at Zone Conference.

Things went back to normal as soon as we got back to the area, it was kind of hard to get back into the groove and get focused again, we just had so much fun! Work was slow as usual but we are still having fun! Yesterday at Church there was a return missionary that came back to the branch to visit with his dad and he is from Nephi, Utah. He served in 2008-2010. It was cool to see him still speaking  Tagalog and remembers all the members and stuff like that, maybe someday, one day I will return to the Philippines! That would be cool.
Lastly, I got some funny news for you all. Yesterday as I was riding my bike I was taking a video on my camera because we were in the middle of nowhere to find this less active! We were riding pretty fast and I only had one hand on the handle bars and we hit a really rock part of the path and we can all guess what happened next! I went head over my handles bars, and pretty much did a cart wheel over my bike haha To my suprise I landed right on my butt and nothing else happened. My companion thought I broke something or passed out because I landed on some big rocks, so he thought something bad should of happened, I guess the Lord was really looking over me, even in this small event. Best part... I got it all on camera hahah so It was just another memory to add to the banks! I hope you all had a good week, and enjoy Conference next weekend! I think its next weekend right? well anyways enjoy your week, and be good!
-Elder Kikel

Hey look its Elder Gallen!

My Zone before I got transferred!

my District back in Lucena. Im not a District leader anymore... so sad..

picture of brother Rogelio's baptism! from Elder Strobelt

Elder Perez and I with our Trainees at the end of training!

This is pretty much what my entire area looks like! its awesome!

Me on the boat to Batangas port!

My Shower

The Dungeon
My Bathroom

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  1. Great pictures! I sure don't miss those so called showers. Although, I do miss how beautiful it was there.