Monday, April 7, 2014

It's so HOT!

Hey everyone! It just the time a week again! weeks go by so fast here in the mission, you are just always so busy! All right where will I start of here... hmm...

Oh yeah... It is so hot!! I am constantly sweating here, and it is just ridiculous! If you don't have a fan on you, you are going to be sweating! I have all ready lost so much weight from sweating so much, and just eating rice and fish all the time! .

Well first off our investigator that we have who has been coming to church 7 weeks in a row and is going to come with us to General Conference is still having a hard time deciding if he wants to be baptized! He got up yesterday in sacrament meeting and bore his testimony, he  is all ready in 2 Nephi chapter 10! He just wants to make sure this is the right thing for him! Also, we don't know if he can get baptized because we encounter a few problems with him so its been a crazy week trying to deal with it! The Branch President is out of town because his father died, so we have had the 1st councilor and also the Elders quorum president involved with the situation and we have just been trying to deal with it but, I think through the Branch and our investigator they will be able to figure everything out and he will be baptized! I so excited! I am so close to another baptism! but we got to work for it! 

We also finally found a new investigator who is part of a less active family! We call this a Part Member family and it is a focus in our missions to complete families and get them sealed. So this is a GOLD find because he has been taught before and told us he wants to be baptized and believes that church is true, he also has a wife that he says that is interested too so thats awesome! So him, and also his less active family all came to church yesterday, and all the branch members were so excited to see them and were very welcoming! We also had a lot of Less active families show up to church which was really cool to see! Things are slowing progressing here in Victoria, as hard as it is I love it here in Mindoro its so crazy, and fun! The people are awesome, and just like experience the true side of the Philippines! I am sure you have all seen  my bathroom and stuff hahah! yup, thats how it is, and its going to be a huge culture shock to me when I come home, and have toilets where I don't have to squat haha 

Elder Oliva and I are starting to get a long a lot more, there is still a lot of things we can work on obedience wise, but we are slowly getting there. Elder Oliva is really cool, I think outside of the mission we would be pretty good friends.

Okay, a few funny stories for you.

First when we were teaching our investigator who is close to baptism ( Crisostimo) about following the prophets, we were talking about general conference, and he asked as if he could request to be baptized by the PROPHET! hahahah of freak.. we couldn't help but laugh, but we explained to him, and helped him to understand that we hold the same priesthood power that he does and that the Prophet would not be able to baptize him.

Also, almost every night on our way home there is a bunch of teenagers who are on the side of the street chilling and every time we pass  them they always say " Hey American, and then they say the F word to us. It doesn't bother me because I am use to it and thats just what you get for being a foreigner. My companion was fed up with it, so he slammed on his brakes and turned around, and the whole group just started running! hahaha! We followed one of them down to this little section of houses and we were trying to find them so we can talk to them and their parents or something like that. Since then we havn't heard a word driving past that street. Go Elder Oliva haha it was pretty funny to see them all take off as soon as Elder Oliva slammed on his brakes. It's good to know that hes got my back!

Well thats about it this week, I hope you all enjoyed General Conference, and I will watch next week! Ill let you know my thoughts about it!

Love you all,

-Elder Kikel


  1. It will be rainy season there in a couple months. Then he'll be wading through water up to his knees some days.

  2. that was a great story about the guy asking to be baptized by a prophet, Lewis is pretty close to that anyway :) Also chasing down the crusty kids calling them the F word, not cool! I would of done the same thing.I would catch them and then challenge them to a bball game. As for the older people that use to challenge us and call us names, usually I would get out of the car and go place my arm around them and ask them if they know the bible pretty well. Everyone of them would say yes. So I would say then you must know this story about Moses, how it says in the bible that Moses strapped his ass to a tree and walked 40 miles to the next village. Answer me that smarty pants!!!!! :)

  3. I always love Parker's letters. He is a great missionary and a great writer! I get a smile and laugh from each letter you post! Thanks for sharing.