Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Longest Week of my Life

Phew! Things just keep getting crazier and crazier! Okay where to start...

So first off Zone Interviews was awesome! President chastised us to work harder in our areas, and I also got chastised in my Interview hahah soo I guess that means I need to work harder! President is just whipping me into shape! Here is when things got crazy... In my companion's interview he thought I rated him out for everything that he is doing that is pasaway so he was really mad with me, I could obviously tell he had a problem with me so I asked him if he had a problem with me, and Indeed he did. Thankfully we were able to discuss those things instead of fighting, or arguing. Man.. oh... man... I took everything I had not to get angry with him because he was just assuming a whole bunch of things and I just wanted to set him straight, but I remembered what I have been learning for the last 9 months and applied the love of Jesus Christ haha I killed him with kindness! It didn't work though he just brushed it off like it meant nothing. I expressed with him how much I care about him and how much I want to help have a good mission, and to be able to work together, and also asked him how I can help. It was tough to do, cause you know we are macho Elders, but it just doesn't work that way in the Mission Field, or in life for that matter. I tried my best but he didn't really care so for a couple of days it was just pure silence, no work, and a lot of time to study! Imagine being with someone who hates your guts 24/7! It's not fun... I knew this time would come in my mission and now that it is here its not fun to deal with, but I have learned a lot from this experience, that I can definitely apply in life later on. Its all about love, service, and patience, and everything will work out. Which it did, after a couple days and a few phone calls with the Mission President, Elder Oliva sat me down and we talked again for a long time and finally worked everything out, so now we are back to normal, and I am glad we won't leave each other on a bad note.... Yup... I am transferred again!!

Ha jokelang... Elder Oliva is transferred, So this next transfer I will have new companion and I will stay here in Mindoro. I think I would be happy to stay here in Mindoro for 6 months (4 transfers) Even the the work is hard it is just happier over here, ya know.. cause we got beaches! Anyways you probably all want to know about the baptism! Jeez la weez! Talk about stress! Our Branch President was out of town, so we had to organize the whole thing ourselves! Also, this is the first time I have done this so I had no idea how to make sure everything was done right haha, Elder Oliva did most of the organizing is much more experienced. A lot of the members were really helpful also which was awesome! Through all the choas and stress the baptism went smoothly and I got my first baptism! It was awesome! We wern't able to baptize in the ocean because it was  a holiday and there was a ton of people at the beach so that was a bummer but we organized for everyone to go to Calapan which is the Zone Leaders area and have our investigator baptized in their baptismal font, so it al worked out great and it was a really happy day, everybody was so excited, and all the members know who are investigator is so it was nice to know that the members will take care of him after we get done teaching him the rest of the lessons after baptism. Brother Crisostomo was so happy and he bore a pretty powerful testimony, it was great. It brought a lot of peace to me and I am grateful for this experience to finally see the full conversion process, and the happiness that it brings!  Phew! so its all done and taken care of now which a relief so I am ready to get my new companion and hit the pavement running and start finding these people in my area that are just praying for answers, and searching for that something in life that they can't find. 

I am grateful for all the experiences in my mission, good or bad, they help me to improve to become the person that I need to be by the time I return! I still got 15months! Whoo yeah baby I can't imagine what else I am going to experience in the next year! It is just going by so fast! 

Also just help you all feel better about yourselves I washed my clothes by hand today, and it took me 3 hours... bleh... my knuckles are bleeding! Only... in the Philippines!

Love you all! Thanks for the Support! 

-Elder Kikel

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  1. What a great reward to see a full conversation all the way through! There really isn't anything better than that feeling. I'm excited for Lewis and what he is feeling at this time. I know the mission gets to be tough at times but in the overall scheme of things its just a tiny blimp in time to be there for the Lord. When your all done you look back and say where did the time go? Crazy how that works. So proud of Lewis! Great Job!