Monday, April 14, 2014

Conference Weekend

Hey everybody! How are things going!?

There isn't much to report on this last week it has been a really quick one with a bunch of meetings that we had as a Zone and stuff! Then we also had General Conference! which was great I will talk about that later!

So first off I had exchanges on Monday with another area here in Mindoro and their area was like a resort! It was so Maganda! (Beautiful) it was crazy cool, we did a lot of walking in the mountains to do some tracting and it was almost like we were hiking, I sure do miss hiking!

Wednesday we had Zone Training meeting, and this where the Zone Leaders travel to the Mission home and receive council from President and then they come back and have a meeting with us to share President's council to the whole zone. It is really fun because you do receive a lot of spiritual insight and you get to see your entire Zone! My Zone is so awesome here in Mindoro its one of the smallest Zones so its more like a family and we all get to know each other personally, I got a funny story for you all... So there is only 3 sisters in the entire Zone and there is 17 total, so I was talking to the sisters at one point when we were all chit chatting and I was just being my goofy self and making them laugh and stuff, I forgot what we were talking about but this one sister her name is Sister Beninon in front of everyone yells out laughing " Elder Kikel is my favorite Elder in the entire Mission!" umm.... what? hahahahah it was so awkward! Everybody was like " ooooo..." so great, now everybody thinks we are going to hook up after the mission! anyways... We had two days of work then off to General Conference weekend! General Conference was great! We watched it in the District Center in the Zone Leaders area it was really nice, and I loved all the messages that were given and during the whole things I just thought about what kind of person I wanted to be, what kind of priesthood holder I am going to be, and what I am going to do, It was really weird! General Conference goes by so fast now when you actually look forward to listen and watching all sessions, it was something I really needed lately and it put me back onto my feet! 

with General Conference and P day its almost a 4 day weekend! Because tomorrow we have what we call Zone Interviews. Thats when President Peterson will come out to Mindoro and personally interview all of the missionaries in the zone, and we also have a workshop by the Ap's and Zone Leaders so thats going to take a good chunk of the day! but It will be super exciting and I look forward to it!

Also today we had a Zone P day and we went to the Beach! It was awesome nice white sand beach! I will try and send some pictures! It was really fun we played a lot of games and even played some rugby which was way fun cause I have never played it before but I think I would of really liked it back in High school, A lot more then Football.  

We are expecting a baptism on the 19th of April and it looks pretty solid, our investigator even traveled to come out and see General Conference also. He said when he saw the Prophet that he just got a feeling the he knew that he was a true prophet of God. Thats so cool! Now he really wants to be excited so hopefully this can finally be my first baptism out here and baptized in the ocean! Oh yeah! 

Thats pretty much it for today folks, I hope you all enjoy your Easter weekend! I am not sure what the Filipinos do for easter but I am sure they do something! 

Love you all thanks for you help and support!

-Elder Kikel


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