Monday, April 28, 2014

The Redemption!

Okay lets get to business...

So... as I reported about my challenges with Elder Oliva and how we worked things out... well there was a relapse, for some reason he just was sick of me I guess and just went back to silence and no work... again... Such a waste of precious time... but this time I wasn't so patient, I have done my best to help him, and to resolve everything, and honestly I had a little resentment about everything that happen so I left it up to him to choose how he wanted to leave each other, and unfortunately we ended up leaving each other with out even saying good bye... In all reality I actually felt sad. sad that maybe I could have done things differently to change the situation but we all have agency, and some of us are just hard headed soo... yeah... haha 

Good news is the my new companion is great! Phew! It is exactly what I needed and this area also! His name is Elder Bituen and he is a Filipino, and in English his name is Elder Star, haha He is awesome he knows how take take charge, take responsibility, and lead, and guess what!? He just finished his training!! What the freak! He is so good! I was so surprised when he told me he just finished training, which means he has only been in the mission field 3 months! Just in the last few days we have all ready set a ton of goals, and visions for what we want to accomplish, and what we want to see different by the end of this transfer which is in June I think. We decided that we should focus on the Branch, because after looking over everything, we realized we are pretty much re-opening this area. We have almost no investigators, some potential new investigators, and not much help from the branch in finding new investigators. Grabi naman! This area just got even harder! but in a good way cause Elder Bituen and I are looking forward to working hard and trying our best to change this branch for the good. We have started to work with our Branch President and apparently he had something he wanted to say to the missionaries for a long time. He pretty much chastised me about me and the previous missionaries that have been assigned in this area have been lazy! hahah I took no offense because it was true, not much work got done while I was with Elder Oliva, and the same with the previous missionaries that I heard about. After that we began to share suggestions and ideas and now we are on page with the Branch President and he is going to start working with us to really help us know the area and all the less actives in our Branch, because there is a lot! 

This area is now i would say my hardest but now I got a companion who is willing to go through it with me, and we are excited for the challenge. I was reading Elder Wood's email today and he talked about how they were only managed to pull out 25 lessons! I don't know if thats just a joke or not but wow! hahahah... we got 4 last week... and 2 the week before... so... hahah that will explain my area. I understand all missions, and areas are different and have different standards, and visions of success. I have also learned never to compare yourself to another missionary or else your just going to tear yourself down! I am proud of Elder Wood, and it sounds like he is having blast! 

Well thats pretty much it for this week. Elder Bituen and I are praying everyday that the Lord will bless the minds and hearts of these people at this time in Victoria to prepare them for our hard work, and diligence we are about to bring forth. Hopefully next week, or in the next weeks to come I will be able to share some cool stories. I trust in the Lord that this is the very thing he will do for us, because this is the desires of our hearts and we have faith that its going to happen, and we are willing to do what ever it takes to be able to even find at least one person to help accept the gospel in there lives, and join the fold of God. I ask everyone to always remember the importance of the gospel in our lives, with out it, all life is eating, sleeping, and working, and that has no meaning. Try to help others know that there is more to life then that, and much more after! 

Okay... lets brighten things up a bit! Last week after District Meeting I was sitting with my District Leader, Elder Hammer who is also my batch! I was eating a desert that is called Halo-Halo (Mix-Mix) It just a bunch of random stuff with ice, milk, and icecream, I really like it but because its got a bunch of weird things in it he doesn't like them at all, I told him to try once again because its really good! So he took a big spoonful and put it in his mouth and was pretty much gagging hahahaha! The funny part is a few minutes later while we were talking he pulls something out of his teeth.... can you guess what it was? It was a fingernail hahahahhahaha! He was so mad! hhahah I couldn't stop laughing... I got a six pack that day, and now I lost it because of all the rice I am eating. But, because of me he will probably never eat a Halo-Halo again... but I made sure to thank him for removing the fingernail for me! 

Thanks everyone! Till next week!

-Elder Kikel
Me and Elder Bituen on our date... 

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  1. Its fun to have companions that are willing to work. I rememeber some crusty comps that never wanted to lift a finger to do anything. I got smart really quick and found out about splits. I would leave my comps (that didnt want to work) back home with a preisthood holder and I wold find the guys in the ward that were willing to work and work with them. Sometimes that was the only way to get things done or by phone. I do believe that my comps sometimes thought I was a freak but when there was literally nothing to do the lord i swear reminds you in some way (guilt trip) that you as a missionary need to get out and talk to people and when you don't you feel bad. Sometimes it was all I could do to get some comps to sit out side while I talked to everyone going past our street, whats funny is we actually had a baptism from that but anyway sometimes its tough.

    That Halo stuff sounds good, anything with ice cream :)