Wednesday, May 7, 2014

No matter what job you have, you better be the best at it.

Hello everyone! 10 months down! grabe sobrang mabalis! 

Anyways lots to type today so Ill get typin'

This week was another usual week in Mindoro! ha Mindoro is crazy there is so many things different here on the Island instead of the Mainland. First off we were not able to pull out our support last wednesday, and so we waited some more and it never came. We were completly out of money I had 100 pesos left, and my companion had nothing haha and it was Friday! We made the call to travel to a different area in our Zone where we can pull out money but the thing was, the travel fee was 100 pesos! So if we wern't able to get our support there was no way back! We risked it for the biscuit! We went up to pinamalayan which is about an hour and half ride down south of Mindoro the farthest area in our Zone. We got there met up with the missionaries and found the bank they usually use, the ATM was offline.... and they wouldn't let us withdraw from inside because the mission uses Bank of America. So we wen't to another bank, oflline... so we went to another bank! Offline... and we were stuck in Pinamalayan! We had no money and nowhere to go! hahah we just wondered around, and looked at souviners and stuff like that until our leaders got out of their meetings that day, finally after 3 hours one of the ATMs was working and we were able to pull out our money, phew! that was a close one! We bought ourselves some mango shakes to celebrate haha they were sooo goood!

Also this last weekend we had District Conference was really cool, it was different then I expected and President and Sister Peterson spoke at both sessions which was cool, it was funny because President Peterson's talk was more like a workshop, and all the missionaries were to laughing and giggling. He is awesome and its going to be crazy when he leaves but we will won't worry about the right now. The main thing I want to talk about is my thoughts I was having on the way home after the Sunday session of District Conference, its about an hour ride. 

Most of you probably don't know this, but for some reason since I have been on my mission I have found myself constantly thinking about, dreaming about, and pondering about joining the Military when I come home. Once again I was doing this as we were riding home late at night, and just wishing I was in the Military, and imagining some of the things I would do as a soldier, wether I would join the Marines, or go army, and stuff like that. I was pondering if I was in the Military what kind of soldier I would be. I thought to myself I would want to be the person who everyone can count on, works hard, gets things done, and takes charge when everything seems to be going wrong, I am always imagining situations and stuff like that. After a while spending time pondering about these things wishing I was in the Army, a thought came to me. I am in the Army, the Lord's Army.

It hit me pretty hard too! and I suddenly realized the comparison! I am in the Lord's Army as we speak! The Spirit is my weapon. the Book of Mormon, and Preach My Gospel, are my tools to accomplish this work. The Vehicle of the Spirit takes me from place to place, house to house, person to person. My Testimony is my defense against Satan's constant attacks. I have been trained, called, and assigned by someone with more experience, that knows where I should be. My Battalion is the San Pablo Mission, my squad is the Mindoro Zone, and my Unit is my District. We go out in pairs of two trying to win the fight against the non-believers. Instead of establishing peace, I am establishing the Gospel in this land. I am in unknown territory, speaking a different language, striving everyday to survive and do what I have been asked to do. The comparisons can go on, and on. I then realized everything that I want to be as American Soldier should be everything I want to be as Representative of Jesus Christ, serving in His army. Whether I will join the Military when I return home I don't know, but I do know, that once again I need to give every ounce of my soul to this work to bring to pass the purposes of heaven here in this area, or wherever else I am needed. It doesn't matter how hard it gets, or how much success that I will have, as long as I am concentrated in the work, and doing what I have been trusted to do. Thats what matters to me, and there is more the i can do to improve, and really start getting this done, right! 

Ever since those thoughts I have just had an added strength and courage to take responsibility, and charge of what needs to be done, to work harder, longer, and by the Lords way everyday. It has been great, and once again, another learning experience, day by day, inviting others to come unto Christ and follow Him through Baptism. Its hard work, but very rewarding! I would like to quote Elder Murray fromt he Preach My Gospel DVD. " Those who are worthy to serve a mission, and choose not to go, are making the biggest mistake of their life." Its true, and its to hard to explain why. I hope all of you can ponder about how the Gospel of Jesus Christ has blessed your life, and the testimony that you have of it. 

Work wise... umm... still the same hahah... we are still struggling but we are working more closly with the Branch President and hopefully there is going to be some progress soon! Thank you all for you Prayers, and your Love, and Support in me I truly appreciate it! I love you all!

-Elder Kikel

-Or should I say Lt. Kikel.... hahahah joke...

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  1. Lewis is truly a son of Helaman or maybe a descendant of Ammon. Instead of slings and swords he is using the spirit and the book of Mormon for his weapons to cut off the arms of the lamanites in the Philippines :) Great comments big stud! You missionaries out there, are the Lords army for sure!