Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It is so HOT!!

Magandang hapon kayong lahat! Kamusta kayo!?

Grabe... sobrang maiinit dito sa Pilipinas! lalo na sa Mindora ang island kasi... malapit so dagat, pero sa appartment namin, mayroon kaming masarap ang hangin! 

Hey everybody! Just sweatin my days away!

I can not believe how hot it has been these past few weeks! We are just ending the Hot season here in the Philippines and I have never experience so much heat! Some days it gets up to 90 degrees! and how ever high the humidity is, which is especially high because I am on an island, and am close to the ocean! phew! its so flippin hot! You just sweet all the time, all day everyday! even if you have a flan blowing on you! It is crazy, and I am not enjoying it hahah, I have always said I like the heat but this is to much. I will take a shower and minutes after the shower I will be sweating again like I am working out! If I do anything recreational its like I am taking a shower in my sweat, all the Filipinos make fun of me saying I shower in my own sweat haha. I am going to die, when I have to experience the winter in Utah! bleh... Not looking forward to it, now we are starting to get into the other season of the Philippines, raining season... I don't like rain haha! It has rained every single night for the last 4 days! Remember in my first area were there was always floods!? because it rained so much!? There is no floods here because there is so much vegetation, but it just rains so much during rainy season! There is two seasons here; Rainy season, and Hot season. ha, I don't know which one I like more. 

Work has been good, a little frustrating, and discouraging this last week. President Peterson is just throwing down the Spiritual bomb on the mission, and just trying to refine it into perfect shape before he leaves! He is going crazy! We had another Zone Training this month, but this one was different. This time, we just came, and President spoke for 4 hours! It went a little something like this... He chastised us first, big time.. told us how to fix it... and then inspired us to act! It was crazy, we all had headaches after and none of us could think, because there was just so much that needed to change ha! President Peterson for me is like the Latter-Day Moroni! He ain't afraid to chop some heads off if someone doesn't comply, or needs to improve, but somehow you can just feel the love behind it. He is the Man. Us missionaries say that he is going to become a General Authority. That will be cool! So after that Zone Training everything has just been a lot more stressful and a increase of haste in our work! After the meeting one of our Zone Leaders was banging his head on the wall saying, "I've been doing it wrong for two years!" hahah.. I laughed so hard, he goes home next transfer. 

What President has said has been true, and is working, Elder Bituen and I are applying what we learned, and we are seeing the results from that as well! Though we don't have many investigators at this time, and the ones that we do have aren't progressing very well, there has been a ton of improvement in the Branch. I have felt that our purpose in being in this area at this time is to Fix this area, to set it straight, and set the example of missionary work. We have been working with members, and teaching members like crazy, it has been most of our lessons. We are seeing member starting to fulfill their callings, and more less actives coming to church! Its awesome! So I am just keep fixing and keep planting those seeds in my areas haha, but its okay I know I am here for some purpose, for some reason, and I might never know why until I go to heaven, but Ill just trust in the Lord that he is putting me where I need to be.

Thats it folks, I hope you all had a good week! I look forward to speaking to you all next week! 

-Elder Kikel

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  1. Pres Preston sounds like a modern day Ammon :) Would be cool to see someone chopping off arms again :) j/k