Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Family & Friends,
     First of all the birthday was awesome! I didn't think my birthday would have been so much fun!  So this is how it went. Thursday night I couldn't sleep because I had a lot on my min, so by Friday(26th) morning I was just dead tired and didn't even think it was my birthday.  I didn't really tell anyone about my birthday, except for my companion and the people in my room.. I never mentioned anything in the morning and neither did anyone else in my room.  I was okay with that cause even though its my birthday, it's not about me, it's about serving the Lord and using His time wisely.  So the day goes on and we are in our morning class and half way through my companion remembers it was my birthday and he told me Happy Birthday which was nice. I told him not to tell everyone it was my birthday cause I didn't want to make a scene out of it.  He told my district it was my birthday while I was in the bathroom!  So my district sang me Happy Birthday, and one of the sisters sang me a solo jazz version of happy birthday which was really cool.  Our sisters are so awesome, they went out later that day and bought me a bunch of food and drew me a bunch of cute pictures.. They also gave me birthday cards!
     So it was really awesome that they did that and I felt loved.  So word got out that it was my birthday and eventually the whole zone was telling me Happy Birthday!  Even though I didn't want it, it was really nice to feel the love and care that can come from people that you have only known for four weeks! If I think about it I do have a love for every body in my zone, and especially my district.  They are my brothers and sisters!  All the sisters in my district are from Utah, and one elders is from West Jordan.  I thought it was hard leaving my family and friends once. But now I have to do it again, which isn't really fun and I am not looking forward to it.  So, by the end of the day and we all went outside and had a birthday party! The cake was so good thank you! Everybody loved the cake! So my birthday turned out to be very awesome! They took the Cafe Rio though so I wasn't able to enjoy that. So that was my birthday, now for the rest of my week. Haha....
     So I already told you about my highlights of the week and the super duper cool experience.  But, for the last week I have been sick with a head cold and sore throat. It wasn't to bad but as I am writing this letter I am pretty much back to normal.  So I am doing well.  Other than that everything is the same as usual, same old busy schedule! Some of the "older" districts are leaving this Sunday and everybody is signing journals kind of like a yearbook day at school.  I can not believe that by Monday morning my district will be the oldest district there.  It went by so fast! They will be calling new zone leaders and everyone is convinced that is going to be me and my companion.  I don't know what to think, but I'll find out tomorrow.
     So Elder Dansie has left the MTC and is now in Mexico! We said our goodbye's and gave each other birthday presents.  He gave me that Stripling Warriors shirt. I haven't e-mailed him yet so I am interested to see how he is doing.  I saw Elder Christensen yesterday! He is already leaving for the field on Monday! That was so fast and I feel like I have been here for so long! We actually get our flight plans this Friday so I am super excited.
     The language is coming along pretty well I guess. I am trying to study the language harder and (SYL) more (SYL=Speak Your Language). I learn more each and every day and does my faith and testimony build everyday.  I'm thinking about before I send my SD card home I will take a video of my companion and I talking to each other in Tagalog, I think that would be cool for you guys to see!
     The food is starting to get old, and I am longing for a warm home cooked meal.  Me and my companion are getting along and going well. My hand hurts from writing this letter. Mom, good luck typing this out! I love you all and I would love to hear how everybody is doing! Sending me Dear Elders is the easiest way for now while I am in the MTC.

Mahal Po Kayo! (I love all)

Elder Kikel

P.S. One of my favorite sayings ever, in Tagalog!
                Pagtitiis Hanggan wakas! - "Endure to the end"

He's bringing down the spiritual hammer!

Hey everyone!!

 Hey so Mom I now know why missionaries e-mails aren't as detailed. It is because we have no time to put detail into our E-mails!! We only have an hour and we have to e-mail back everybody! My e-mail last week took me 45min and I wasn't able to e-mail back a few people and I felt bad. So I have all ready sent home another huge letter explaining my week and other stuff in detail but, for today I just want to share the Highlight of my week and then Mom, you can type up the rest when you get my letter. Oh and BTW my Birthday was awesome! All the details are in my letter but It went really well and I just love everybody in my District and in my Zone.

So the Highlight of my week. Better get some tissues everybody, I'm bringing down the spiritual hammer.

At the beginning of the week on of the Sisters in my District was starting to get really sick, she was going to the doctors office to find out what was going on and they couldn't really find out what was going on with her and prescribed her some medicine that didn't effect really well and she was getting in really bad shape by mid week! She was telling us that if she doesn't get better that they might send her home until they can figure out what is going on. She could not walk by herself, she would constantly fall, and was shaking vigorously. I was very concerned cause she is so nice and she sacrificed so much to be here, and I didn't want her to go home. Well, the next day out of nowhere she pulled me aside and asked me if I would give her a Priesthood blessing. I was shocked! It just came out of no where and at the moment I didn't know what to do! Of course I said I would, but since I have never given a blessing for the sick before I was extremely nervous.
      My companion and I set her and the other sisters in a small room and sat her down, kind of talking about why she wanted to do this and what was going on. So as I nervously referred to the White Handbook to make sure that I do the blessing correctly, My companion anointed the oil for the sick and the afflicted and then it was my turn! I can't even tell you how nervous I was. My voice was shaky, and I just didn't know what to say, It all came about so quick! but, as I started the blessing the Spirit just took over, thoughts just popped in mind that I felt like I should say. I could not believe how strong the spirit was. I felt like the door was going to blow off its hinges because of the Spirit that was in that tiny little room. As I finished we were all almost to tears because of this experience.
      I am so grateful that this sister had the trust and faith in me to give her a blessing even after knowing I have never done it before! It was definitely a huge testimony builder for me and also increase my faith! By that night she was starting to feel better, and by the next day she was almost her original self again, my companion and I just looked at her and then we looked at each other, just smiled and said: "That is so cool, the power of the Priesthood" He shared some of his experiences with blessings and how the Priesthood has helped him in his life and it was just really awesome to have experience all of that. Unfortunately that Sister started to get really bad again... I was so bummed but I did not lose Faith cause I know she is here to serve and that she has faith and that the Lord will take care of her, we all just need to have a little patience.
      She soon came to me and companion again asking for another blessing but with more Priesthood members present and someone with more experience gave the blessing this time haha. It was still as strong, and comforting to know that I can be apart of this experience and have been given the opportunity to do so! Since the second Priesthood blessing she has been recovering very well! she has been herself, is eating, and is even playing volleyball with us, so  as all of our Faith and Testimonies are building, we are preparing ourselves to do the exact same thing out in the Field in a totally different language.
Nagpapasalamat po ako para sa pagkakataon ng buhay ko ito. Alam ko po na totoo and Priesthood kapangyarihan. Alam ko po na totoo and Aklat ni Mormon. Nagpapasalamat po ako para sa Ebanghelyo at Pagbabayad-sala ni Jesucristo. Alam ko po na babasbasan ng Ebanghelyo sa buhay natin. Alam ko po na Salita ng Diyos and Aklat ni Mormon. at, Nagpapasalamat po ako para sa pamilya ko at mga kaibigan.
Sa pangalan ni Jesucristo. Amen.
(I am thankful for this opportunity in my life. I know the Priesthood Power is true. I know the Book of Mormon is true. I am thankful for the Gospel and Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know the Gospel will bless our lives. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. and I am thankful for my Family and Friends.
In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.)
-Elder Kikel

Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Outside World

Kumusta po Kayo!?
    First thing is first! I freaking love P day! It is so nice to finally have a day off!! It gets pretty busy here in the MTC and once P day comes around you just don't want to do anything. This last week went by extremely fast, probably because we are a lot busier and our time is not wasted here.
    Oh lets see... So much has happen since I last e-mailed. The experiences I am having here are just insane and how fast I am learning everything is mind blowing. In little more then 2 weeks we are all ready teaching two investigators (Actors) and we will start a home teaching kind of thing with real people in the Philippines tonight, but all of this in Tagalog!
     The language is starting to getting really frustrating and confusing. I am starting to struggle a little bit because I was never really good with English in the first place so actually sitting in class for three hours twice a day and learning grammar is really hard for me, but I am trying my best to stay focused. I have been really focusing on studying the scriptures and learning of the principles and picking out things that I haven't realized before. The only difference is now I am actually trying to find certain scriptures that will help my investigators. Even though they are actors and you know that they are actors, it is a very real scene when you actually get to the tiny room that you actually teach in. The power of the spirit is very strong, do not underestimate it.
     As usual my companion is pretty freaking awesome but there is one flaw in his awesomeness, and I spoke too soon... He has the worse... and I repeat... the worst snore I have ever heard! I can hear him through my earplugs every single night and I just can't sleep because of it and honestly it sucks. I have been trying to get use to it and not be contentious and just to be patient. So far it isn't working haha but because of that cause, stress, and just constantly thinking about things at night, I don't get very much sleep and it's getting hard to go 16 hours a day everyday on that kind of sleep. Good thing I have a wicked ability to work on low hours of sleep or else I would be doomed!
     My District and Zone are just absolutely awesome and I love them all! A bunch of people in our Zone got their flights plans and they leave next friday! It makes me want to fly out so bad! I feel like I am going to spend my entire mission in the MTC! I have been drinking to much Gatas na Tskokolate
 ( Chocolate Milk) and I get stomach problems every morning but it is so worth it! I got to admit dat BYU creamy got some good milk. Other then that the food to me personally is pretty good for the most part, much better then I expected. 
    One thing I want to point out is that the MTC is truly a different world and a true higher plane of thought. We all call it the outside world because it truly is too us. Us as missionaries are in this routine 16 hours a day and it starts to be all you know, which is good but it is crazy to think about! I think of what the "Outside" world was like before I came here into the MTC and I just think how there is all the wrong and contention and problems there are. Everything you have to deal with that you don't deal with at all in the MTC. If you don't believe me and believe this. They will get mad at you if you are singing songs that are not church, they will get mad at you if you are quoting movies that aren't church related. They will get made if you acting to crazy. All of that does make sense but It really does get annoying sometimes. They don't really get "Mad" but they just tell you to stop.
      I always get in trouble to talking to people. Just like 5 minutes before class I will go socialize with everybody and my teacher keeps pushing me into class just because most of the people I am talking to are sisters, haha. I know they are just trying to help us but, they just don't give any time to us to just socialize with people and if I can't do that I go crazy. So there are little rules here and there that really bug me but I am trying to be patient and have exact obedience cause I know they're blessings the come from doing so.
     Don't think the MTC isn't fun though because it really is a lot of fun. I am having a blast! You in the "Outside" world when you talk about religion or anything like that outside of church it can get kind of awkward or you just don't really don't want to talk about it. Here in the MTC that is all you talk about 24/7 and I find it funny how much of a change it is. Everyone in our district all ready talk about how weird it is going to be when we get back. Not having a companion, not speaking the language, and every other little thing. My teacher said he didn't speak a word of English his entire last  year of his mission and when he got back he forgot how to speak proper English  and that it was easier for him to speak in Tagalog then in English. So that will be really interesting to see when I get back.
     I have been told that I will get my flight plans 2 weeks from now! I am so excited! I can't wait for the 2 day travel! (Not) it is at least a 12 flight to Hong Kong and then another flight to Manila and then at least an 8 hour bus ride, depending where you go. Being in the country for the first time is going to blow my mind but I am really excited!
     Now this is to everyone! If you don't want to wait till my P day (Saturdays) you can Dear Elder me, and when I can find time I can write a letter back. We check the mail after lunch and dinner everyday.
     We have gotten new missionaries in our district and it makes me feel like an experienced missionary haha. They are really cool though so it's all right.
     So most people don't really know this about me but I have all ways wanted to be able to sing really well. I have never really acted on it, but it has been something I have wanted to do. It just so happens like everybody in my District is an amazing singer! and then there is me that knows nothing about singing and can't really sing along cause I can't memorize lyrics to save my life so that kind of sucks. But, they are all really good and they sing all the time, so its like listening to a choir all day long, its nice. Another thing is I love to play basketball but I suck at that too so all of the Elders get annoyed with me being on the team cause I keep missing my shots and ruining their plays I guess, I can hear them whispering about me. So I either don't play basketball anymore or I just go play with the sisters haha. So pretty much at gym time now I either just run or throw the Frisbee around. Pretty lame I know but what evs... 4 square is pretty big here and that is a lot of fun if there are a lot of people playing it.
     Well that is pretty much my week and past events so I'll this very long E-mail. Mother asked for details so I gave details haha. I miss all of you so much! I pretty much have dreams about somebody almost every single night. But... I have not gotten home sick yet thank goodness! I miss everyone so much but I am so happy to be our here right now and just looking foward to the next two years!! I have heard so much about the Philippines and just the miracles and blessing given and receive and I just can't wait to experience them all myself, and also to share it will all of you! I am trying to send pictures but the SD card reader won't work and the videos are to long. So you will all have to probably wait until I send the SD card home.
Mahal Kita!
-Elder Kikel
Tagalog Words & Phrases:
Pinakamakapangyarihan - "Almighty"
Kumusta po ba kayo pamilya ninyo? - " How is your family"
Nagpapasalamat po ako para sa pagbabayad-sala ni Jesuscristo - "I am thankful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ."
Alam ko po na totoo ang Aklat ni Mormon - "I know that the Book of Mormon is true."

Surprise! Hand written letter!

Hello to everyone!

     Mom and Dad thank you! the package was awesome, those Hi-Chews were so good! I'm so glad to finally have my camera stuff, it is so nice. So, pretty much Mon-Wed goes by super fast because they just seem easier. I actually just remembered that Brandon Christensen is coming in tomorrow it would be cool to see him. I probably will.  Today has been a spiritual bomb on me.  Classroom this morning was just insane with the spirit.  Everybody was crying at the end.  We were talking about how the spirit is the universal language and even if we can barely speak Tagalog you can still share the message you want to with the spirit.
     So our teacher made us turn to our companions and honestly tell them how we feel about them and bear our testimonies all in Tagalog.  Let me tell you, it was so powerful.  That room was just a spiritual bubble, nothing unclean or vulgar could of pierced it. It was a really cool experience. My district is so awesome, I love them all.  It's going to be rough to leave them.  I heard that getting to the Philippines is a two day travel.  I can't wait to get into the field.
     Dad, thank you for the Dear Elder it helped a lot.  I'll keep this short so I can give better details in my e-mail on Saturday!
Love you all!

Elder Kikel

Sunday, July 14, 2013

1st Week in the MTC

I am 1 week old in the MTC now and time is flying and now I know why! I figured that for 16 hours of the day you are eating, learning, teaching, and studying. Things can get pretty stressful here cause they give tons of things to do and no time to do it.  for an example. on Monday we were assigned to teach a lesson to an investigator (actor) in Tagalog and we had to each him on Wednesday morning with barely any time to prepare and memorize what to say in Tagalog.
     Another thing is they can get pretty strict here too, and it gets very frustrating. Like I wore my signed tie from my farewell and told me to switch ties because it drew to much "attraction", whateves.  Then with gym time its barely even gym time cause there is so many rules.  You can't even play ultimate Frisbee! The sports you can pretty much play is volleyball and basketball and I suck at both so I don't really play them.  I just go play four square with the sisters instead haha.
     The food has been starting to get to me probably because of the chocolate mile, so I have to start cutting down on the milk.
     Here at the MTC is just like going on a trip with a bunch of guys it so much fun! We always have a good time together. I have been taking a lot of pictures and video diaries so that will be fun for you guys to see.  They are pretty funny. One night on our residence floor we had a huge tie trade with everyone and I got a video of it. On that note I need more ties to trade! Also, I need my camera stuff it should of come in the mail all ready. A hacky sack would be nice too.
     I am starting to get to know everybody here and my goofy weird self is coming out and everyone just gets a good laugh.  I'm glad people can see and handle my goofiness.
     I have really been missing my friends a lot lately I guess cause I keep having dreams about some of my close friends.
     I am learning a lot and studying really hard my knowledge of the gospel is increasing dramatically its awesome!
     We are so busy that it has taken a few days to write this letter cause technically you're suppose to write letters on your P-day. I am learning the language pretty fast. I can read, pray and testify some what in Tagalog, it is really cool. We just started learning grammar and now its starting to get hard. I can't wait to be somewhat fluent in Tagalog.
      Everybody here always tells me how big and strong I am and I just laugh because I just don't think I am that big! I have found a way to workout using towels and its actually very effective.
     Well, I have been writing this letter over a few days because I just got even busier. Things are getting too serious here at the MTC. I now have to teach new investigators and I have to teach two at a time in Tagalog. Plus my companion and I have to teach a district lesson on Sunday. Just to show you how busy things are and how hard it is this is my Friday schedule.
6-7:30am/get ready/breakfast/8-11/class room/11-12:10/lunch/personal study/1:05-1:55/gym/1:55-2:25/prepare for next activity/2:23-3:25/Tall/3:25-4:25/language study/4:25-5:10/additional study time/5:10/dinner/5:55-8:55/classroom/9-9:30/planning/9:30-10:30/personal time/bed time.
That is basically my schedule every day and we hat to plan lessons for district meetings, plan lessons for investigators, and prepare talks/other assignments they give us with that schedule.
     So yup, the MTC is getting a little rough but it's still fun and I'm learning constantly! I need those camera accessories! It's Jake's birthday on Monday so I put a little birthday package together for him.  I can barely remember that it's going to be my own birthday here pretty soon. I'm just way to busy to even think about it.  Everything is still going splendid! New missionaries came in on Wednesday so it's cool that I don't have to be the newbie anymore.
     So the package was awesome and I am sad to say that they confiscated the salsa. I guess you can't send anything that needs to be refrigerated and if you do you need to disguise it. None the less I loved the package it was awesome!!!
     I am learning all the tricks and trades and am so excited to serve. I have heard so much more about the Philippines and the area I am in. I love you all so much and I really miss my friends. I keep having dreams about them ha! No matter the trial, keep faith in the Lord and endure to the end.

Till next time.....
            Elder Kikel

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday's are his "P" days!

                          First of all my "P" days are on Saturday so that is when I will be able to do my e-mails and I only get an hour to do them also.
     The MTC is so awesome! I am having a blast here! Everyone told me the first few days were going to be really hard, but I haven't thought that at all!
It was really awesome to see Elder Dansie again. He was my host for the day and showed me around the campus and told me everything I needed to know and actually had a little time to catch up which was really nice! I have actually seen him a lot in the last four days and hung out with a him a few times. It is so cool to see someone you know really well change as a person just by being emersed by the gospel for 3 weeks and I am very excited to see the change in myself!
The very first day after we all got kind of settled and sent to our classes, they through us right in!! It's insane! My language teacher doesn't even speak english to us he will only speak Tagalog, but it is working! I am learning Tagalog so fast! We have all ready taught a lesson to the best of our ability in tagalog Investigator. He is an actor but I still feel like I need to help him as much as I can which is actually pretty cool if I think about it. I can all ready pray in Tagalog and kind of bear some kind of a testimony which is absolutely crazy to think about. I have only been here for four days!!! We have to teach him tonight again for a second lesson so unfortunatly I have to spend most of my P day preparing a lesson in Tagalog. I know that if I have faith in the Lord and try my best I will be blessed with the "Kaloob ng mga wika" (Gift of tounges) I love this language so much, It is so much to try and speak it to everyone. Here at the MTC there is all kind of languages and it is so cool to here everyone speak and bear the testimonies in their mission lanuage and I can't wait till I can do so more effectivly! The food here isn't to bad I actually like most of the options they have, and there is a TON of food to eat and I find myself never finishing anything that I got, and then I feel bad casue I didn't eat it. I am learning very quickly here at the MTC I feel like I have all ready been here for weeks and that I am an expert and our zone leaders who have only been here for 4 weeks sound and look like Masters and they are so cool! Everybody here is so nice and so loving it a very nice change to the world. No contentions, No drama, No hatred, No hurt feelings or anything like that. Everybody just loves everybody and it is a really nice change for me! My "Kasama" (Companion) His name is Elder Perez and he is from California and went to school at BYU. He is very cool and we get a long very well, we have a lot of the same personality charasteristics so everything just comes naturally and I am grateful for that! It's only been four days and I feel like I have known him for years. Also my roomates are also very cool and get a long well, no body is annoying or does annoying things and most importantly... No one snores!! I love my companion and my roomates I couldn't be happier with who I am with. I am getting to know my district pretty well pretty much because you spend all day with them! We assigned ourselves a spot at lunch to eat together so we can get to know each other pretty well. My companion Elder Perez has been assigned as District Leader and I was assigned as Senior companion, which here at the MTC doesn't really mean anything but hey I still have the title! I haven't been sleeping very well just because I'm not use to the beds and that they are super tiny and I barely even fit in the beds, but I will learn to survive. Thankfully Im not very tired during the day and manage to stay focused all day which use to be a very hard thing for me to do! It's been hard getting up early but I know all I have to do is get use to it and I will be fine! I get hungry all the time though cause you only eat 3 times a day unless you have food stached in your "Home" we like to call it. Which I don't so after dinner which is at 5:10 you pretty hungry when its time to go to bed at 10:30. Which we have been unable to do lately just cause we are trying to plan for the next day and get everything done! That is one thing here at the MTC you are very busy! all the time and it can be exhausting but people say it gets easier once the normal schedule hits on monday. I am trying to stay as organized as I can and be clean which is actually working out pretty well for me which is suprising haha! I even make my bed everymorning! Today we have a lot of time to kind of just sit around and do nothing which I am really excited for because I need a break! The fireworks were pretty cool but I was just talking with Elder Dansie the whole time and wasn't really even paying attention haha I am going to be sad to see him leave in 3 weeks but at least I get to spend a little more time with him again. They have a store here that you can buy pretty much anything you need including food it is so awesome and I have found that I needed many things from that store so if I have purchases on my card that is why! I haven't really been missing anything from home suprisingly. I could care less about xbox or watching tv or anything else really. I just really miss my friends and family most of all. I can't really explain it but I'm not homesick its just I miss being able to see my friends and family. I am doing pretty well though I just hope it doesn't get to the best of me! I miss you guys so much its insane! I got to suck it up though still got like another 726 days or something like that! I can't wait to get into the Philippines and experience all especially after I kind of know the language! Oh by the way I forgot to mention but all the chocolate milk I can drink! People think I am crazy and I am cause its starting to give me stomach problems, but it is so good!! To my surprise there are a lot of very beautiful Sisters here and I find it really hard not to to be all cute and funny cause thats just how I am and I have to catch my self or I will get in trouble haha. The Sisters here are also very cool and nice and they are just so fun to be around. Gym time is all right. They don't let you do anything that is contact related or is competative so it kind of sucks and you just stand around not really doing anything. But it is nice to get out of class and enjoy some sun. But all in all everything is going great and I am excited to spiritually grow and become a better person and I miss all of my friends like crazy and would love to hear from you! I can't e-mail any of you cause I don't have anyone's e-mails!!!!! I am so bummed! I have all this time to e-mail people but I don't have their e-mails so I can't! Mom! you need to put their e-mails in my contact list so I can do so! Or people if you can just e-mail me so I can get your e-mail the would be so nice. I kind of feel lonely but everyone here is so loving so that helps a lot. Since I have no one to e-mail but my parents that will put this on my blog I am trying to fill my hour of time in this one e-mail. You never want to wast time here at the MTC you try and get as much as you can out of the experience. I only have 6 weeks and that might seem a long time for you guys but after learning what I need to study and prepare myself for I need to use every minute wisely and get as much as I can out of it! I can't wait to here from everyone so I can hear how everybody is doing and what they are up too. Also "Pamilya" if you have gotten my camera accesories please send them to me it would be nice to have them. I guess I will just fill the rest of my time giving you guys Some Tagalog words and phrases. Thanks for everything and I love you all! Ingat! Ingat!
 "Kamusta po Kayo?" - How are you?
"Ingat"- Take care
 "Pagbadayad-sala ni Jesuscristo." - Atonement of Jesus Christ
"Ama ko po sa langit, nagpapasalamat po ako para sa pagkakateon magturo." - My father in heaven I am thankful the oppertunity to teach.
"Mga Missynero ni simbahan ni Jesescristo ng mga banal sa mga Huling Araw"- We are missionaries from the church of Jesus Chirst and Latter Day Saints.
"Mabuti tubig"- Good water
When I learn bettr Tagalog I will fully transalte my testimony into Tagalog and I will send it to you guys to try and figure it out! Till next time.
-Elder Kikel

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Parker has entered the MTC!

Parker has officially started his mission. We dropped him off at 1:15 today and guess what? His BEST FRIEND Jake Dansie was his host missionary at curb side. We were so happy and was hoping that would happen. Brought tears to my eyes because I know Parker was somewhat relieved to see a familiar face.

Please follow us on Parker's adventure for the next 2 years.  We will post every week and you can be in the loop with the experiences Elder Kikel will be having.