Sunday, July 14, 2013

1st Week in the MTC

I am 1 week old in the MTC now and time is flying and now I know why! I figured that for 16 hours of the day you are eating, learning, teaching, and studying. Things can get pretty stressful here cause they give tons of things to do and no time to do it.  for an example. on Monday we were assigned to teach a lesson to an investigator (actor) in Tagalog and we had to each him on Wednesday morning with barely any time to prepare and memorize what to say in Tagalog.
     Another thing is they can get pretty strict here too, and it gets very frustrating. Like I wore my signed tie from my farewell and told me to switch ties because it drew to much "attraction", whateves.  Then with gym time its barely even gym time cause there is so many rules.  You can't even play ultimate Frisbee! The sports you can pretty much play is volleyball and basketball and I suck at both so I don't really play them.  I just go play four square with the sisters instead haha.
     The food has been starting to get to me probably because of the chocolate mile, so I have to start cutting down on the milk.
     Here at the MTC is just like going on a trip with a bunch of guys it so much fun! We always have a good time together. I have been taking a lot of pictures and video diaries so that will be fun for you guys to see.  They are pretty funny. One night on our residence floor we had a huge tie trade with everyone and I got a video of it. On that note I need more ties to trade! Also, I need my camera stuff it should of come in the mail all ready. A hacky sack would be nice too.
     I am starting to get to know everybody here and my goofy weird self is coming out and everyone just gets a good laugh.  I'm glad people can see and handle my goofiness.
     I have really been missing my friends a lot lately I guess cause I keep having dreams about some of my close friends.
     I am learning a lot and studying really hard my knowledge of the gospel is increasing dramatically its awesome!
     We are so busy that it has taken a few days to write this letter cause technically you're suppose to write letters on your P-day. I am learning the language pretty fast. I can read, pray and testify some what in Tagalog, it is really cool. We just started learning grammar and now its starting to get hard. I can't wait to be somewhat fluent in Tagalog.
      Everybody here always tells me how big and strong I am and I just laugh because I just don't think I am that big! I have found a way to workout using towels and its actually very effective.
     Well, I have been writing this letter over a few days because I just got even busier. Things are getting too serious here at the MTC. I now have to teach new investigators and I have to teach two at a time in Tagalog. Plus my companion and I have to teach a district lesson on Sunday. Just to show you how busy things are and how hard it is this is my Friday schedule.
6-7:30am/get ready/breakfast/8-11/class room/11-12:10/lunch/personal study/1:05-1:55/gym/1:55-2:25/prepare for next activity/2:23-3:25/Tall/3:25-4:25/language study/4:25-5:10/additional study time/5:10/dinner/5:55-8:55/classroom/9-9:30/planning/9:30-10:30/personal time/bed time.
That is basically my schedule every day and we hat to plan lessons for district meetings, plan lessons for investigators, and prepare talks/other assignments they give us with that schedule.
     So yup, the MTC is getting a little rough but it's still fun and I'm learning constantly! I need those camera accessories! It's Jake's birthday on Monday so I put a little birthday package together for him.  I can barely remember that it's going to be my own birthday here pretty soon. I'm just way to busy to even think about it.  Everything is still going splendid! New missionaries came in on Wednesday so it's cool that I don't have to be the newbie anymore.
     So the package was awesome and I am sad to say that they confiscated the salsa. I guess you can't send anything that needs to be refrigerated and if you do you need to disguise it. None the less I loved the package it was awesome!!!
     I am learning all the tricks and trades and am so excited to serve. I have heard so much more about the Philippines and the area I am in. I love you all so much and I really miss my friends. I keep having dreams about them ha! No matter the trial, keep faith in the Lord and endure to the end.

Till next time.....
            Elder Kikel

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