Saturday, July 6, 2013

Saturday's are his "P" days!

                          First of all my "P" days are on Saturday so that is when I will be able to do my e-mails and I only get an hour to do them also.
     The MTC is so awesome! I am having a blast here! Everyone told me the first few days were going to be really hard, but I haven't thought that at all!
It was really awesome to see Elder Dansie again. He was my host for the day and showed me around the campus and told me everything I needed to know and actually had a little time to catch up which was really nice! I have actually seen him a lot in the last four days and hung out with a him a few times. It is so cool to see someone you know really well change as a person just by being emersed by the gospel for 3 weeks and I am very excited to see the change in myself!
The very first day after we all got kind of settled and sent to our classes, they through us right in!! It's insane! My language teacher doesn't even speak english to us he will only speak Tagalog, but it is working! I am learning Tagalog so fast! We have all ready taught a lesson to the best of our ability in tagalog Investigator. He is an actor but I still feel like I need to help him as much as I can which is actually pretty cool if I think about it. I can all ready pray in Tagalog and kind of bear some kind of a testimony which is absolutely crazy to think about. I have only been here for four days!!! We have to teach him tonight again for a second lesson so unfortunatly I have to spend most of my P day preparing a lesson in Tagalog. I know that if I have faith in the Lord and try my best I will be blessed with the "Kaloob ng mga wika" (Gift of tounges) I love this language so much, It is so much to try and speak it to everyone. Here at the MTC there is all kind of languages and it is so cool to here everyone speak and bear the testimonies in their mission lanuage and I can't wait till I can do so more effectivly! The food here isn't to bad I actually like most of the options they have, and there is a TON of food to eat and I find myself never finishing anything that I got, and then I feel bad casue I didn't eat it. I am learning very quickly here at the MTC I feel like I have all ready been here for weeks and that I am an expert and our zone leaders who have only been here for 4 weeks sound and look like Masters and they are so cool! Everybody here is so nice and so loving it a very nice change to the world. No contentions, No drama, No hatred, No hurt feelings or anything like that. Everybody just loves everybody and it is a really nice change for me! My "Kasama" (Companion) His name is Elder Perez and he is from California and went to school at BYU. He is very cool and we get a long very well, we have a lot of the same personality charasteristics so everything just comes naturally and I am grateful for that! It's only been four days and I feel like I have known him for years. Also my roomates are also very cool and get a long well, no body is annoying or does annoying things and most importantly... No one snores!! I love my companion and my roomates I couldn't be happier with who I am with. I am getting to know my district pretty well pretty much because you spend all day with them! We assigned ourselves a spot at lunch to eat together so we can get to know each other pretty well. My companion Elder Perez has been assigned as District Leader and I was assigned as Senior companion, which here at the MTC doesn't really mean anything but hey I still have the title! I haven't been sleeping very well just because I'm not use to the beds and that they are super tiny and I barely even fit in the beds, but I will learn to survive. Thankfully Im not very tired during the day and manage to stay focused all day which use to be a very hard thing for me to do! It's been hard getting up early but I know all I have to do is get use to it and I will be fine! I get hungry all the time though cause you only eat 3 times a day unless you have food stached in your "Home" we like to call it. Which I don't so after dinner which is at 5:10 you pretty hungry when its time to go to bed at 10:30. Which we have been unable to do lately just cause we are trying to plan for the next day and get everything done! That is one thing here at the MTC you are very busy! all the time and it can be exhausting but people say it gets easier once the normal schedule hits on monday. I am trying to stay as organized as I can and be clean which is actually working out pretty well for me which is suprising haha! I even make my bed everymorning! Today we have a lot of time to kind of just sit around and do nothing which I am really excited for because I need a break! The fireworks were pretty cool but I was just talking with Elder Dansie the whole time and wasn't really even paying attention haha I am going to be sad to see him leave in 3 weeks but at least I get to spend a little more time with him again. They have a store here that you can buy pretty much anything you need including food it is so awesome and I have found that I needed many things from that store so if I have purchases on my card that is why! I haven't really been missing anything from home suprisingly. I could care less about xbox or watching tv or anything else really. I just really miss my friends and family most of all. I can't really explain it but I'm not homesick its just I miss being able to see my friends and family. I am doing pretty well though I just hope it doesn't get to the best of me! I miss you guys so much its insane! I got to suck it up though still got like another 726 days or something like that! I can't wait to get into the Philippines and experience all especially after I kind of know the language! Oh by the way I forgot to mention but all the chocolate milk I can drink! People think I am crazy and I am cause its starting to give me stomach problems, but it is so good!! To my surprise there are a lot of very beautiful Sisters here and I find it really hard not to to be all cute and funny cause thats just how I am and I have to catch my self or I will get in trouble haha. The Sisters here are also very cool and nice and they are just so fun to be around. Gym time is all right. They don't let you do anything that is contact related or is competative so it kind of sucks and you just stand around not really doing anything. But it is nice to get out of class and enjoy some sun. But all in all everything is going great and I am excited to spiritually grow and become a better person and I miss all of my friends like crazy and would love to hear from you! I can't e-mail any of you cause I don't have anyone's e-mails!!!!! I am so bummed! I have all this time to e-mail people but I don't have their e-mails so I can't! Mom! you need to put their e-mails in my contact list so I can do so! Or people if you can just e-mail me so I can get your e-mail the would be so nice. I kind of feel lonely but everyone here is so loving so that helps a lot. Since I have no one to e-mail but my parents that will put this on my blog I am trying to fill my hour of time in this one e-mail. You never want to wast time here at the MTC you try and get as much as you can out of the experience. I only have 6 weeks and that might seem a long time for you guys but after learning what I need to study and prepare myself for I need to use every minute wisely and get as much as I can out of it! I can't wait to here from everyone so I can hear how everybody is doing and what they are up too. Also "Pamilya" if you have gotten my camera accesories please send them to me it would be nice to have them. I guess I will just fill the rest of my time giving you guys Some Tagalog words and phrases. Thanks for everything and I love you all! Ingat! Ingat!
 "Kamusta po Kayo?" - How are you?
"Ingat"- Take care
 "Pagbadayad-sala ni Jesuscristo." - Atonement of Jesus Christ
"Ama ko po sa langit, nagpapasalamat po ako para sa pagkakateon magturo." - My father in heaven I am thankful the oppertunity to teach.
"Mga Missynero ni simbahan ni Jesescristo ng mga banal sa mga Huling Araw"- We are missionaries from the church of Jesus Chirst and Latter Day Saints.
"Mabuti tubig"- Good water
When I learn bettr Tagalog I will fully transalte my testimony into Tagalog and I will send it to you guys to try and figure it out! Till next time.
-Elder Kikel

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