Monday, July 29, 2013

Happy Birthday!

Family & Friends,
     First of all the birthday was awesome! I didn't think my birthday would have been so much fun!  So this is how it went. Thursday night I couldn't sleep because I had a lot on my min, so by Friday(26th) morning I was just dead tired and didn't even think it was my birthday.  I didn't really tell anyone about my birthday, except for my companion and the people in my room.. I never mentioned anything in the morning and neither did anyone else in my room.  I was okay with that cause even though its my birthday, it's not about me, it's about serving the Lord and using His time wisely.  So the day goes on and we are in our morning class and half way through my companion remembers it was my birthday and he told me Happy Birthday which was nice. I told him not to tell everyone it was my birthday cause I didn't want to make a scene out of it.  He told my district it was my birthday while I was in the bathroom!  So my district sang me Happy Birthday, and one of the sisters sang me a solo jazz version of happy birthday which was really cool.  Our sisters are so awesome, they went out later that day and bought me a bunch of food and drew me a bunch of cute pictures.. They also gave me birthday cards!
     So it was really awesome that they did that and I felt loved.  So word got out that it was my birthday and eventually the whole zone was telling me Happy Birthday!  Even though I didn't want it, it was really nice to feel the love and care that can come from people that you have only known for four weeks! If I think about it I do have a love for every body in my zone, and especially my district.  They are my brothers and sisters!  All the sisters in my district are from Utah, and one elders is from West Jordan.  I thought it was hard leaving my family and friends once. But now I have to do it again, which isn't really fun and I am not looking forward to it.  So, by the end of the day and we all went outside and had a birthday party! The cake was so good thank you! Everybody loved the cake! So my birthday turned out to be very awesome! They took the Cafe Rio though so I wasn't able to enjoy that. So that was my birthday, now for the rest of my week. Haha....
     So I already told you about my highlights of the week and the super duper cool experience.  But, for the last week I have been sick with a head cold and sore throat. It wasn't to bad but as I am writing this letter I am pretty much back to normal.  So I am doing well.  Other than that everything is the same as usual, same old busy schedule! Some of the "older" districts are leaving this Sunday and everybody is signing journals kind of like a yearbook day at school.  I can not believe that by Monday morning my district will be the oldest district there.  It went by so fast! They will be calling new zone leaders and everyone is convinced that is going to be me and my companion.  I don't know what to think, but I'll find out tomorrow.
     So Elder Dansie has left the MTC and is now in Mexico! We said our goodbye's and gave each other birthday presents.  He gave me that Stripling Warriors shirt. I haven't e-mailed him yet so I am interested to see how he is doing.  I saw Elder Christensen yesterday! He is already leaving for the field on Monday! That was so fast and I feel like I have been here for so long! We actually get our flight plans this Friday so I am super excited.
     The language is coming along pretty well I guess. I am trying to study the language harder and (SYL) more (SYL=Speak Your Language). I learn more each and every day and does my faith and testimony build everyday.  I'm thinking about before I send my SD card home I will take a video of my companion and I talking to each other in Tagalog, I think that would be cool for you guys to see!
     The food is starting to get old, and I am longing for a warm home cooked meal.  Me and my companion are getting along and going well. My hand hurts from writing this letter. Mom, good luck typing this out! I love you all and I would love to hear how everybody is doing! Sending me Dear Elders is the easiest way for now while I am in the MTC.

Mahal Po Kayo! (I love all)

Elder Kikel

P.S. One of my favorite sayings ever, in Tagalog!
                Pagtitiis Hanggan wakas! - "Endure to the end"

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