Monday, March 24, 2014

The Stronger the Wind Blows, The Stronger the Trees Grow

Hello everyone!

This last week sure has been a tough one! First off I have come to find out that we really only have 1 investigator! He is progressing and coming to church but he has so much questions about everything! He is quite not ready to be baptized, so hopefully we can work with him and get him to the font, or should I say the ocean! Yup we baptize in the Ocean here in Victoria! I want a baptism really bad now haha that would be so cool! Also this last week Elder Oliva and I wasn't able to get to work for 3 days! I was way sick one day then the next day Elder Oliva was way sick! Then it rained all day so we couldn't get out and work because we have bikes! awe man it was rough.. but i Look forward to the challenge, and hope to learn some new things i probably need to learn from this new area. Also dealing with my companion has been a struggle, I am trying to help him but he has his agency so I can't force him to do anything or else we would be constantly fighting. He is a good Elder and I really like him but he just doesn't have the right focus. I still have 15 months left so I know there is going to be some pretty good times ahead of me!

In good news I called up Elder Strobelt and he said Brother Rogelio's baptism was a success and he even received the priesthood! Wow, that was so awesome to hear, it gave me such peace in my heart, even if I didn't get to see him baptized! 

Tomorrow all of the Mindoro Zone is traveling to Lipa, to go to Zone Conference. Zone Conference happens every 3 months, and it is a blast, you get to see all your friends, President provides some pretty fun activities, he also caters lunch, and as always blows us away with the Spirit that inspires us all to work harder. Since we are out on the Island we have to travel a lot longer to get to Lipa so we are going to stay in a Hotel, and I heard its nice, and that it has a hot shower! Oh boy! I can't wait! 

So something funny that happened to me this last week was that I broke the handle bars on my bike right in half! I was doing a wheelie on the bike and when I landed it just cracked hahah oopss... The bikes are fun, but they constantly break so that's a bit annoying but I am enjoying my stay here in Victoria! Hopefully I can get some pictures to you guys! 

Well that's it for today hope you all had a good day!
Those handle bars haha

This is me on a beach that we found in Mindoro.

The view from my apartment.

-Elder Kikel

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