Monday, March 17, 2014

I'm on a boat!

Well my friends and family.. The rumors are true... I have been transferred... NOOOOOO! hahah whyyyyyy!

Anyways... I have been transferred to the Island of Mindoro! Sweet! I am on an Island! Mindoro is split into two missions, the right side is San Pablo Mission,and the left is Manila Mission I think. My area is called Victoria, Mindoro. It is pretty rural and it a lot different from the city of Lucena! They don't really speak any english here then they did in Lucena, so its been really hard to understand people, but I know I am going to learn a lot of Tagalog here on the island because my new companion is also Filipino! His name is Elder Oliva. He is a really cool Elder and President has assigned me to be with him to fix a few things (Otherwise known as a special assignment) he actually is pretty cool, and we have been getting a long pretty well so far, so we will see what happens with him! We also have bikes in my area! OH man, my butt hurts so bad, I probably haven't ridden a bike since I was 16! It is really nice though because Mindoro is so beautiful, it is all rice fields every where you go, and it is just so quite and peaceful, there were times when we had to bike for 20-30mins to get to an investigator and those were so nice bike rides, its a good time to think. I am going to lose a lot of weight here in Mindoro because they have no fast food restaurants and stuff like that, so its all   home cooked meals (Oatmeal). This is my first Area where I have a meeting house instead of a chapel. Wow... it is so small, and no wonder because there is only like 40 members in our Branch! I love these members all ready, they have so much faith and continue to go to church despite how small it is and how hard it is to organize everything. The members here are super nice! There is one member who literally feeds us everyday. If we don't go to her house to eat, she will seriously get mad, and not go to church sooo... guess what have to eat right?  haha Its a pretty crazy area, I have all ready seen water buffalo just walking down the street by themselves and no one even bothers to look or care hahaha The people here are crazy and the missionaries adapt to it also! One example, the Zone Leaders picked us 5 missionaries at the dock to take us to our areas. They have a pick up truck that is 4 door and a bed with a cab. We shove everyone's luggage in the back and slam as many missionaries as we can in the truck but there wasn't room for me and one other elder, because we are big boys. So what they made us do is put down the tail gate with luggage practically spilling out, and made us sit on the tail gate. The was probably one of the scariest things I have done on my mission! I could barely get my cheeks on that tailgate, let alone anything to hold onto for dear life! They drove for a little over 20mins with us on that tailgate going way to fast I almost fell off while they were drive quite a few times because they were over passing other cars and going over speed bumps and all sorts of crap, I was getting mad, but I made it alive hahah soo yeah.. lots of new things here in Mindoro I don't know how long I will be here, I might even be here for my year mark, not sure... but I am looking forward to the next few weeks, hopefully we can get some success out here on the island the people here are really humble.

I am surely convinced that every missionary has an experience about getting....  (okay so I'm not sure what happened with the rest of his letter. Maybe he lost connection, he did tell me that" internet here is suuperr slow! bleh")
Picture of Parkers new area

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  1. I love reading his letters. Everything he writes is so familiar. Thanks for sharing.