Monday, March 10, 2014

Duty calls

Well everybody its just that time of day again!
One thing I just want to point out to all those we think about what a missionary life is like, P-day is not a day to relax and do nothing, ITS STILL BUSY! ugh.. haha at least it is in the Philippines. I have been cleaning, buying groceries, doing District Business, organizing, updating, and all the other good stuff. Bleh... every once and a while you can just sit down and relax but then your doing something again 20 mins later! Phew! So busy all the time but its awesome! One example, our kitchen was just destroyed because no one cleans their dishes! They just leave it all out! No one cleans up there messes! They just leave it there! Its so frustrating! I am sure all the parents reading this are saying to themselves ( I know!!! Exactly!) So mom.. dad... I am sorry haha I must have been really frustrating as a kid. I spent 2 hours this morning cleaning the kitchen! bleh.. For those who are reading this and still living with their parents please start cleaning up after yourself, cut your parents a break, they probably want to rip your head off. ha..
Other then that missionary work is still happy! I actually got pretty frustrated and stressed this last week, but what can we do about it? Just let it go, and work harder, thats the secret. We have been having a hard time trying find new people to teach and work with our members, the Ward is really great but just not so great at missionary work... haha but it been mostly our faults we haven't been more diligent and trying to help them to want to do missionary work.
Today is the last day of the 12 week training for my companion Elder Strobelt! Wow! That was a fast 3 months phew... it never slows down it just keeps getting faster! We are hopefully going to have some success here in Lucena next week, we have a baptism planned for Brother Rogelio Cimafranca this Saturday! Woo! Baptism! We are both super excited for this baptism, this man has been so prepared and has true desires to follow Jesus Christ. The only problem is... We have transfers on Thursday!! NO!!!! so one of us might not be able to see these baptisms that we have planned for the next few weeks! sigh... we find out if we will be transferred tomorrow. I really don't want to be transferred, and I really don't want my companion to be transferred either because then he won't be able to see these baptisms. It's really hard to judge which one will be transferred and if none of us will be transferred. I hope and pray that Elder Strobelt and I both get to stay and have another transfer with each other, we have a strong companionship. If I go another transfer here in Lucena, I will be here in this area for 6 months! that is a quarter of my mission in one area! I want one more transfer to try and do all that I can in this area. We will find out tomorrow.
As I always say before I am learning so much on my mission. This mission has changed me, and for the better. I can't even imagine where I would be if I didn't go on a mission, and though it is difficult, I am so glad I made this decision. It puts a whole new purpose in my life, helps me to see the important things in life, for example. I think a lot about when I am going to me that girl that I will spend eternity with, or I think about the family I will have and how I am going to raise my family in the Gospel, and all sorts of stuff like that, its so weird! I am only 19, and I feel like I am in my high twenties! its pretty weird but its awesome at the same time! Anyone who is worthy to go mission and chooses not to go is making the biggest mistake in their lives. Its almost impossible to describe all of my feelings about my experience as a missionary, and about the things I have learned, but I can say its worth it, and missionary work truly prepares you for life, and a life time of church service, and the many blessings that come from it. I am so grateful beyond words for this experience.
Yes I do often think of home a lot, because I have forgotten what home is like! I have been adapted, and converted into this culture! I can't even remember what is it like to drive a car! Or have a hot shower! Or even use toilet paper!! hahah... all true. I can all ready tell that it will be a hard time for me to adapt again when I get home, so Ill just stay here in the Philippines for a while and enjoy it.
Well everyone thats about it. Thanks for everything and all your support I really appreciate it! Ill be back sooner then you think!
These are all my study manuals that I have obtained through out the mission. muwahahah.... Knowledge...
-Elder Kikel

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  1. Lewis is learning some responsibility :) Britnee needs to read this one, she will appreciate it. Transfers are tough especially if you have a baptism coming up. That happened to me on my mission. I was there for 4 months then had 2 baptisms coming up just to be transferred 3 days before the day of the baptism. Still haunts me to this day. What if. I did hear that the two are still doing really well in the church even now, so I must have done something right. I'm sure Kikel understands this also. Its tough to deal with but rewarding later. hard to see when your out there.

    Whip those guys into shape Lewis! :)