Monday, March 3, 2014

Howdie Doodie

Howdie Doodie everyone! 

Tagalog na lang? Sige.. ang huling lingo ay ayos lang... Mayroon kami ang maraming potential investigators sa pamamagitan ng mga oyms namin. kaya sana mayroon maraming bagong investigators susunod lingo. masaya kami na magturo ng mga tao tunkol sa ebangehlyo ni Jesuscristo, at tunlungan sa kanila na malaman ang katotohanan tunkol sa alin simbahan ay totoo. minshan hihingi ako ng mga tao na alin simbahan ay totoo, at hindi nila alam ang sagot. duh... dahil ang simbahan ni jesucristo ng mga banal sa mga huling araw ay totoo. 

hahaha... I am going to stop there. My Tagalog is still panget! (ugly) but I am still trying to so what evs. I don't know why but I am still have the biggest struggle trying to learn this language, and being able to understand people! but Im not letting that get to me anymore, I'll just keep on studying the language and praying for the gift of tongues.  
Well once again people this last week has been the same as usuall. Elder Strobelt and I have just been in this rutt with our work that we are trying to get out of, but it just seems the same every week, even though you never know whats going to happen in a day if when you plan out the whole day. Elder Strobelt and I have talked to a lot of people this last week and have a lot of potential investigators so we are really excited for this next week and turning those potentials into progressing investigators. For the Good News, we have two investigators that are going to be baptized this month, and they are pretty solid, so we are pretty excited for that. One is on March 15, and the other is on March 29. So we are trying our best to do all the we can to help them every way possible and make sure that they are ready. We are really excited. Rogelio Cimafranca who is 49 we just started teaching a few weeks ago wants to be baptized so bad he doesn't want to wait till the 15th. He walks for an hour every sunday so he can go to church! Wow! Inspiration! The other Investigator I have mentioned him before is Johnathan Javierto. I have been teaching him since I have been here, and he has been taught before. He has been taught all the way since last Augest. but, right now he is really ready to be baptized and he is also pretty excited! 

So the bad news is... That transfer day is on March 13, and there is a chance for me to get transferred which would not be fun considering these two exciting events! but if duty calls... duty calls...  I don't want Elder Strobelt to be transferred either! He has been working really hard to help these people come unto Christ and I would be really bummed if he didn't get to see the fruits of his labors! So we will just hope for the best! 

We also got a list of Less actives in our Ward from the Bishop that we requested and looks like we are going to be busy! There is over 300 names! Phew! No more tracting yay! hahah... we are also looking forward to trying to find these less actives and get some potential part member families! 

all right thats about it folks. I can't think of anything really funny that happened this last week, ill try next time to give better stories. 

Thanks everyone for you love and support! Love ya!

-Elder Kikel

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