Monday, February 24, 2014

Baliw Siya

Hello everyone! 

So I am sorry to say that there is not much to say this week... It just starting to get to that point when everything starts getting the same every single week and not much changes because I have been in the same area!

Transfers is on March 13, and at the point I might be transferred but I am not sure if I will be I might go 6 months in this area! phew! thats a long time but thats okay, I really like this area, and I will be sad when I have to go, but I am excited to experience new things. 

I had my first Invterview has a District Leader and it was really awesome! so spiritual! This was a kid who was 13 years old and reminded me so much like Joseph Smith, his story was just like Joseph Smiths. It was remarkable to see the Spirit hit him so strongly and have such a strong testimony about the church! He told me that everyone needs to be baptized and how critical it is that we keep doing what we are doing. Then after asking him why he wanted to be baptized and sharing with me for 20min he asked me a question that I didn't think he would ask. He asked me how did I come to know the truth that the church was true. It was a really powerful experience and I am very excited for him and for his baptism. I believe he will be a leader in the Church here in the Philippines, and serve a great mission. 

Then something funny just to throw in real quick. One of the Investigators of the Zone Leaders proposed to one of our Sisters by letter. We didn't give her the letter we read the letter because we all ready know this guy is a little bit creepy, and he just confesses his love for this sister and how he has a ring for her and want to have kids with her and the whole 9 yards! Baliw Siya! ( He's crazy!) yeah we were just freaking out, and couldn't believe this guy, he has only seen the sister once! So that will be fun for the Zone leaders to deal with haha! 

Sorry everyone, next time I will make sure to have a better e-mail! Love you all and miss ya! 

-Elder Kikel
A Sister in our Ward made this for us. All of us Elders in Lucena! 

My captain Moroni statue!

Thats my desk... oooo.. aaaahhh...

Me and my previous Zone Leaders. Elder Inlayo on the left, he is from Canada but was born in the Philippines. Elder Boyd on the right and he is from Sandy, Utah. He recently just became the new AP in our mission. 

Look at this delecious food I made! (Instagram) 

Us goof balls!

Our Jerseys' that we made in Lucena! Lucenites!

 Me and one of our Investigators Johnathan. ( He use to be a Gangster)

Like a boss. Rice for Dinner.

Elder Strobelt enjoying himself a snack.

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  1. The food looks yummy! :) He sure looks like he is having a blast!