Monday, March 30, 2015

Siniloan Begins!

Wow, so much to tell today, I don't know where to begin!
umm... lets see... traveling was a pain in the butt! When you white, and have big expensive looking luggage, you just get ripped off the whole way... i probably got charged double everywhere I went, and no matter how much I would fight (knowing the real prices) there little Filipino friends will gather together and force me to pay.. ugh.. we call this in the mission the "American Discount" haha.
after traveling most of the day we finally arrived in Siniloan! and when I saw WE i mean Elder Pepa and I. Elder Pepa is the man! He is my first poly companion, and he is from Tonga! He is huge! I always looked forward to having a Poly companion, because they are always so nice, and so loving, and always likable haha. Elder Pepa and I get a long pretty well, and I would say a good companionship match. He is about 10 months in the mission, and is super humble, super nice, and pretty funny. he is all ready teaching me how to speak in Tongan, and we have a fun time all ready. He is so nice he iron'd my clothes yesterday before church, and he actually cleans!!! yESS!! and is just down to do whatever. I think we will have a great companionship, and honestly something I have been praying for for a while... He is willing to work hard, and to do missionary work, and that is what I need!
I found out the we actually are not the new Zone Leaders.. and I even got demoted... haha I am now again, back in the mud workin haha just plantin those seeds like a boss! I am no longer the District Leader. Its okay, just means I can focus more on our area, and work. and thats really all I wanted to do these last 3 months, so I guess I could so its a promotion! haha. The reason we are not the Zone Leaders is because the zone got dissolved for some reason I don't know why, but we are still in the previous Zone leaders area, and it wasn't set up very well. They have no investigators, and the area book isn't updated... no coordination meetings, and yeah... stories... so here we are again in the mud trying to build another foundation, well as of now I am no stranger of this mud, and just gladly jump right in haha
The odd thing that happen in this area, is something I wasn't hoping for honestly, and you will probably find it pretty funny. Recently, I have been getting so girl crazy! hahahaha flip! every time I go to church and see families with little kids walking in I just think, " freak, I just need to go home and get married all ready!" haha so every time I see a pretty girl, I just think to myself " man! cmon keaks you got this, 3 more months, focus!" haha and the worst part is... that this branch is "notorious" for the many beautiful sisters that attend, and I can testify to that notoriety hahahahahah dang! yeah, lets just keep it in missionary terms and say they are very beautiful daughters of god haha. The other thing is there are no priesthood, and they are all old! how are we suppose to work with the ward! haha, we are going to be forced to work with those sisters to try and get referrals. I now activate the "Flirt to Convert" initiative! hahaha nah... but in a serious note, i hope we will be able to find a way to find and baptize some young men, and potential priesthood holders. 
I have had some people ask me about what is the Easter holiday like in the Philippines, I will now continue to blow your minds! In the philippines its know more as "Holy Week" and people celebrate differently according to their location. I have been told here in Siniloan it is crazy different and I am actually scared haha so here is the scoop. Apparently next week, on wednesday and people will walk into the streets, and parade around the city, crucified to crosses, and being whipped like Jesus was! or just whipping themselves with real whips and sharp things in them, to point where they actually bleed a good amount of blood, and they believe that this will relieve them of their sins they have committed in life...  members have told me after this day, you will see blood all over the streets, and walls, houses, and stuff like that. They say there is so much blood form so many people doing it, people collect their blood as evidence of their remission of sins! This is insane!!! The members and people act like its just a normal thing. and how sad is it to know that these people have know idea that what there doing is worthless, it may give them give them greater faith in Jesus Christ in the end persay but, it does not relieve them of their burdens and sins. so I will give you an update of how that goes next week haha, I am pretty sure we won't be allowed to go outside that day.
I am looking forward to working a nice full week in Siniloan, and seeing what Elder Pepa and I can do! I love you all and may the Lord be with you always!

Elder Kikel
-on the Lord's errand-
San Pablo Philippines Mission

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