Tuesday, April 7, 2015

The Last General Conference

Its just that time of the week again! its just goes by so fast!

Things here in Siniloan have been going by way fast because of being in a new area and all trying to figure out where things are, and getting things going! so lets begin!

So first off after reading my last e-mail i wasn't very careful on explaining some things that you might of mis interpreted haha, my comment about the "flirt to convert initiative" was more of a joke meaning that we will have the sisters in our branch flirt or shall we say attract there guy friends t come to church or even be taught by the missionaries. You should of seen our church attendance last week... there was maybe.. 15 or 20 priesthood... and then rest females... we literally only had 2 young men came to church! with about 20 young women ! its crazy, so ELder Pepa and I are seriously trying to figure out how we are going to work with the sisters in or ward to find more priesthood referrals haha. THere ya go. 

Honestly pretty young women wether members or not haven't really been a temptation for me in the mission, unlike other missionaries. I mean cmon we are MISSIONARIES! and i am not about to go out and try to find a pretty filipino to come back for after my mission, what a waste of time, talent, and service. Yes, on occasion I will admit i catch myself flirting a little bit with the sisters in the areas I have been a assigned in, but more just the friendly kind of thing, but its still not an excuse and I have seen what happens to a missionary when they are not careful. they get sent home! and that is not happening to me haha, YEs, sometimes this stuff happens in the mission field, and satan is stronger then we think he is, and missionaries are still people, and 20 year people at that! recently there was a missionary in the area I am serving in right now that made-out with one of the Branch President's daughter, and set a whole plan to come back for her and get married. then right before he left he dropped her, and their plans... so yeah now i know why we have been having such a hard time trying to get a meeting with the Branch President! hahahaha Hopefully we can change that view he probably has for missionaries now. Why am I even talking about this?! haha

I really do want to serve these members, and continue doing the work of the lord.

we had a pretty great week, we got a lot of referrals from members that we have been trying to work with, and we have been finding some new investigators to try and get that teaching pool increasing. Serving and living is all that we can do haha

Here in the Philippines we are going to be watching conference on the 11-12th, I am so excited, like i am going on a vacation excited! I wish I could of had this look on General Conference a long .long time ago. I just enjoy so much feeling the spirit, and receiving revelation as I listen to the spirit, and the speakers. Its jst amazing how much knowledge and power these men and women of the church have because of their faithfulness in the church. I love it, adn I am sad that this will be my last General Conference in the mission, but kind of glad because nex time I can watch in a big recliner, with good ffod, and some real clothes! I am at the point where I almost literally just sleep in my slacks.. . haha I hpe you were all able to get something out of General conference, and re-read or re-watch the great messages given to find inspiration, and guidance in life.

We had a zone p-day this week, it was awesome, went to some falls again, it was pretty intense, but not as intense as the last trip we went on! I send pictures next time! 

I am sure most of you want to hear abut the whole easter or holy week here in the philippines. Elder Pepa and I avoided most of it for safety reasons but we did see some of the action, its pretty scary haha. They literally whip themselves! until the bleed! they do it weird so its not as intense as it sounds, but still something i would suggest. Also I heard that someone actally nailed himself to a cross! these people are crazy! 

Thats it my friends, Ill try and have something more spiritual next week, Please pray fof this area, and these members. I love you all, and I will not see yu next week haha.

P.S. this keyboard is dumb, some I sound like i am dumb..

Elder Kikel
-on the Lord's errand-
San Pablo Philippines Mission

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