Wednesday, April 15, 2015

General Conference

It is sad know that this last General Conference was my last General Conference in my mission! it is such a weird feeling! its coming way to fast!

I absolutely loved General Conference this April, probably because It was the Conference I was the most excited for! I tried really hard to prepare for it, and seek for revelation! I said this last time about General Conference but it just seems to go by so fast now, and its almost just not enough! I can't believe i wouldn't watch Conference on Saturdays back at home, what a wasted opportunity.  For all you youngins or those who just don't really enjoy conference i got a little advice for you, I was the exactly the same way back before my mission, conference for me was a waiting game, and because of that I never got any of the messages shared, and I was only counting down the hours until I could play xbox again! but take my words when I say you can make conference an enjoyable experience, and a blessing in your life, you need to do what King Benjamin asked us to do in Mosiah 2:9. We need not trifle with the words that the prophet and apostles speak as well as with all his servents, and we need to open our ears to hear, our hearts to understand, and our minds to be enlighten, and as we do these things he promises us the we will come to know the mysteries of God. As i have done these things I have received so many blesses, and as we taught members this principle these also came up to me and told me that they were bless as well! so try it! its not to late, watch them online, in a private quite place, and just listen to what they are saying and something they say will apply to you i promise! 

I don't know if Conference has always been like this but I love that fact there is some humor involved, especially when President Uchdorf "accidently" spoke german that killed me hahahaha  for one it keeps the listeners more attentive and entertained, and also it makes me feel more like these people are actual people and not these perfect robots that have no personality or lives. Of course General Conference a sacred ordeal in its self but its nice to see this sometimes. 

I could go on and on about how good each of the Talks were, and as always Jeffrey R. Holland never lets us down with his powerful teaching skills. but one thing I want to share the really pressed upon me as I was listen was something I was taught at the beginning of my mission that I didn't really understand at first but now understand a little bit.

Sometimes as missionaries we refer to the life that all you life as the "real life' and our life as the "missionary life" and I remember a leader in our mission told me, maybe it was the President, or AP, but he told me that the missionary life is the "real life" and your life is the "Babylonian life" and after this recent Conference the Spirit just testified of the truthfulness of that statement to my heart. This really is what the real life is about; serving others in the Name of Jesus Christ. Think of the Prophet and Apostles, that is what real life is, and thats where I would like to be after my mission. and not do what one of the general authorities talked about by "swan diving into Babylon!" when I get home, I want to strive to maintain the spirituality that i have obtained in my mission after I return, home its going to be really difficult, and might take some time, and maturity but i konw the Lord will help me with those things.  

I am grateful for everyone who commits to life the "real life" and devote themselves to god always, those are the real men and women on earth. haha Also i just love how many talks were given about families, fatherhood, and eternal marriage! hahah 2 months left!!! and thats meeeee!!! hopefully... haha anyways thanks everyone one for you support, and keep on keepin on! 

Elder Kikel
-on the Lord's errand-
San Pablo Philippines Mission

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