Monday, April 20, 2015

The Last Sprint

I just want to say that I can not believe it has all ready been 3 weeks since I have been in my new area, and that the transfer is all ready half way over! each transfer is 6 weeks by the way.

This last week was another rough week! phew! We spent most of the week just tracting because we still don't have any progressing investigators! We are still trying to find new investigators, especially through the members, but we are really struggling, we are still not able to work with the members. Because of recent events between missionaries, and members. The trust between the members and the missionary is gone... so yeah, now Elder Pepa and I are here to fix that, and hopefully we can do some good in these last few weeks of the transfer! 

I will give one example: every Monday since we have been here we have fun punted from every single Family Home Evening appointment we have set with the members, every single one! ahhhhH! why!!! hahah its so frustrating, we are trying to teach, and help these members, and build a trust with them and they keep punting us. sigh... and we still haven't had a meeting with our Branch President, he is just so busy! so at times things get really frustrating, and after tracting all day everyday for a couple weeks, its starts to really test your Faith, and thats when the testimonies come into play. 

This has really been effecting me this last week because I only have 2 months until I get home, and with this difficulty and magnitude of work, satan just likes to keep throwing the thoughts in my mind " its okay, relax.. work here a little bit, work there a little bit, and just enjoy the last little bit of your mission stop trying to so hard!" NO! its not going to happen, this is my time to shine, and use all the skills that I have acquired before I go home! I could go on and on with this subject, and my thoughts and feelings about it, but it would take to long, lets just say Im still striving to sprint till the end! 

So nothing super interesting has happened work wise, we are trying to follow up with those we have talked too, and trying to get member cooperation in our work, help, love, and support them in everyway. 

So fun little fact, last night while Elder Pepa and I were walking, some guys drove by on a motorcycle and threw a flippin softball sized rock at me! It hit me square in the chest and almost knocked me over! I didn't really feel anything at first because my adrenaline was going, and frankly i was quite angry, and Elder Pepa and I both almost sprinting after them to get them back, but then I thought that we are missionaries and we can't be like that so we didn't. hahah I got over it pretty quick because I am not really one to fight anways, but Elder Pepa on the other hand could not just get over it, its in his polynesian culture haha he kept wanting to hunt them down and beat them up, he had the same rock in his hand too hahah I had to keep forcing him not too. He was so angry. It feels kind of nice that when you have a huge poly that has your back haha Those guys really got some nerve considering the fact the just threw the rock at the two biggest guys in Siniloan haha but we aren't looking for any trouble we tried finding that guys house today to talk to him, or who ever knows him, and why he did what he did, but he hid, and we were told he was drunk and under the influence of other drugs. My companion says if he sees him again at night he is going to scare him hahah so hopefully we don't see them again! 

well thats it for this week, we are just keeping on and endure to the end like bosses! Don't give up anyone, because Christ has never given up on you! 

Elder Kikel
-on the Lord's errand-
San Pablo Philippines Mission

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