Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Missionary Vacation!

Everyone this week was cray! the most unexpected thing happened and it was awesome! basically what the title says, I took a missionary vacation! So here is what went down...
As we are working in our area last thursday, 3pm. I get a call from the office telling me that I have to go to manila on Friday! WHAT!? yeah thats right! I had to go to manila to get my fingerprints done and some other visa, and passport stuff. Not just me but almost 50 other missionaries in our mission! including all of my batch, so I got to see them all! I pretty much hung out with Elder Perez the whole time, he was my MTC companion. So yeah Friday through Sunday I was in Manila! it was so much fun, and so cool! The bus ride for me here in Calauag is 10 hours!! bleh.. but totally worth it. When we arrived in Manila the put us in the nicest hotel I have seen here in the Philippines, and guess what! more Hot showers!! those are the best, just take cold showers for 8 months, and then take a hot shower, and you will now how I feel. Also, after we signed in at the hotel we all went downtown to go eat, and you would not believe what was there, first off, it look just like city creek over there, it was blowing me away, I was so shocked thinking "Is this what america looks like? this is so cool!" haha Who ever is at the airport when I get home should have some cameras out because I am going to freak out when I get outside the airport. anyways, they have all kinds of american restaurants there, wendys, subway, Jamba Juice! Chili's! TGI Fridays! and more, but the one i was not expecting, and literally took me to the floor was... drum roll... not cafe rio! hahahaha but Johnny Rockets! thats right my friends there is a Johnny Rockets in the Philippines! oh and it was beyond the most delicious thing I have eaten in the Philippines, I can't even describe to any of you after eating fake burgers for almost 2 years, and then eating a double bacon cheeseburger with lettuce, onions, tomatoes, and CHEESE! the first bite took me away, and I melted in my seat, and then for the slum dunk a REAL classic chocolate shake OH MY GOSH!!! IT WAS SO GOOD!!! it was insane, how good a real burger tasted haha freak, it was so good I can't get over it! it was like 20 bucks though haha
So that was pretty much the highlight of the trip right there, and we also had some krispy kreme which was also pretty insane! But, my fellow brothers and sister there is something that tops all of that... I drank REAL MILK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAATTTTTTT. game over. I am not going to even try to describe how good it was do drink real milk again, lets just say it was really good. That pretty much sums up the trip haha, we went to the Manila MTC to do all the fingerprinting stuff, and the Temple is right across the street like in Provo, so I took some pics, and Ill send them to all of you.
I was talking to President before we left, and I pretty much just straight up asked him if i am going to be transferred, or am I going to finish my mission in this area, and he was kind enough to tell me that I am going to be transferred this coming March 26! At least I know now! jeez haha I am going to be sad to leave Calauag, but I am excited to to serve in another part of the Philippines, these last 3 months are going to go by so fast! and I am going to make the best of em' I am not TRUNKY yet! and I never will be!
The work in Guinayangan is slowing down, and we are thinking that we are going to have to stop visiting there because there is no way we are going to be able to baptized these kids and help them stay active, so I guess we were just planting seeds for the time being, and hopefully when they are older, they will remember the things we taught them.
The work is going really good, we have some investigators to teach now, the Ward is actually having all of the meetings that are suppose to be held, and the fellow shipping is great! We have a few baptismal goals dates, but they wont be ready to be baptized before I leave, but thats  okay no probs.
Thanks everyone for you support, lets all stay strong for the next 3 months, and then we will partayyy!@

Elder Kikel
-on the Lord's errand-
San Pablo Philippines Mission

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  1. Lewis,

    Thanks for the pictures they were great! The temple there is awesome! The water falls looked like it was from heaven. The are memories that you will never forget. All started with a choice to go on a mission. You will forever be grateful and blessed because of your 2 year sacrifice! Great Job!

    your bro