Monday, March 23, 2015

The Last Testimony

Hello everyone its been a pretty great week, I will try to sum it up for you all in a short and powerful way because I am taking to much time in the computer shop haha.
Like a mentioned in my last e-mail, we had ZONE CONFERENCE this last week, and as usual it was just the best because you get to see a bunch of other missionaries, travel, hang out, and of course you get spiritually fed as well as physically, which we are good at being missionaries and all haha.
Zone Conference was awesome, it was focused about the Sacrament, and how we help our Investigators understand the importance of the sacrament, especially after they are baptized and have made those covenants. It was taught really simply but really opened my eyes again as to how important the sacrament is, and as missionaries we need to be doing all that we can to be getting our investigators to church each and every single week, so that they can experience the renewal of the sacrament even if they are not yet members. That is something that I have learned about the sacrament this last week, is that in the sacramental prayers found in Moroni 4 and 5 it say that "to the souls of ALL those who partake of it" President Mangum expounded on that short statement. He said that even though investigators are not members of the church they are still entitled to the same blessings as they strive to keep those covenants that they will make through baptism. They can still feel the spirit, and receive revelation for themselves through the power of the Holy Ghost, I thought that was amazing, something so simple but so powerful that most of us don't really ever realize.
Also President talked to us about the Churches new Initiative that they are coming out with soon, I don't know if any of you heard about it but you will see it soon. but its kind of like the "I will share the gift" the Church did last Christmas, but this time it is "Because he Lives". One really cool thing president showed us is that during the Easter season The church is going to pay for the main video add that shows up on the homescreen of YouTube! I don't know if its up all ready but I think that is so cool, that when ever someone goes on YouTube they will be able to watch a 14 sec video about Jesus Christ on this Easter season. Now that is what I am talking about properly using social media, I think the Church is trying to set an example to us all.
A very awesome addition to our Zone Conference was we got to watch "MEET THE MORMONS" I was so stoked! it was soo good! Most of us were laughing pretty hard, and I just love the stories that it tells. The Candy Bomber was probably my favorite.
Also hence the title of my E-mail today, this was my last Zone Conference in my mission, I will return home before the next one, and as tradition in our mission all missionaries going home have to bare testimony to all the missionaries at their last Zone Conference. So I had to bare mine, and it was so surreal. I remember being a new missionary sharing their last testimonies, and even though I still have 3 months left, I feel like the time is so near, so much to do, and not enough time to do it! It was a good feeling though, and I was grateful for the opportunity.
Also, I have been transferred! FInally! haha, as much as I love Calauag, I needed to get out! the crazy part is that Elder Garcia is transferred as well! We are pulled out of the area! I am not sure why but they will be replacing us with other missionaries, one of them use to be my old companion! Elder Bituin from Mindoro! I love him! I will leave him a little surprise at the Apartment haha. I am transferred to the Siniloan Zone, and I have been told by other missionaries that I am the Zone leader now over there, but I don't recall being told yet by President, but I am going to the Zone Leaders last area so who knows what will happen. I will be grateful to serve in that capacity to help other missionaries, and also to help keep myself focused! I can't believe I literally only have 3 months, and I feel as though I don't have enough time to do everything, its not really about how much time is have left, but more about how much time i still have to do as much as i can! Its so close! I am going to keep working hard, and striving to do the Lord's will to the very end. There isn't anything else I would rather do at this time. It has been such a blessing, more like an undeserved blessing, and I am so grateful for everyday that I am here. It is truly going to be tuff to return home. Good thing its going to be like an 18 hour flight home haha.
Well I will leave it at that for now! I love you all, and I love this work, and I hope i will have other missionary opportunities to serve when I return home! See you in 3!

Elder Kikel
-on the Lord's errand-
San Pablo Philippines Mission

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  1. Lewis,

    Good to hear from you bud. Great Job in your last area. I know that you were there for a while. With only 3 months left the time will fly and before you know it you will be on a plane looking down on the Philippines. You will see areas that you served and all kinds of emotions will enter your mind like a tidal wave. First thing I want to say is make these last months special for yourself and others around you! Second write down everything in your journal because you will reflect back to it all the time and you don't want to miss anything. Third its OK to cry! You will forever be a legend there because of your sacrifice to the people on the lords errand. You will have earned the right to have a good cry :) You are a great missionary! Thanks for everything!

    Your bro always