Friday, August 2, 2013

Mom is spoiled with multiple letters in one week!

Dear Family & Friends,
     I'm busting out letters to you guys left and right!  Probably because I have no one else to write.  So I felt bad not explaining who is who in those pictures. I will just tell you who is in my district.  If you look at that picture with me and a bunch of people in front of the temple, I will tell who they are from left to right this is my district 
Sister Judd(orange skirt), Sister Escobar, Sister Smith, Elder Crowther(roommate), Elder Mamrose(roommate), Elder Duspain, Elder Pincock, Elder Perez(my companion), Me(Elder Kikel), Elder Smith, Elder Blessent.


     So zone leader is already taking it's toll.  I am more exhausted during the day, because I spend all night thinking about other missionaries needs and how I can be a better example to them.  The added responsibility's are not to bad but it does make it harder to prepare for lessons and study.  I am grateful for this calling though.  
     Today my companion and I had the chance to get our first international missionaries.  They are from the Marshal Islands.  They speak pretty good English.  We took them on a tour, ate dinner, and then went to the devotional.  They are nice and really excited to be here.  
     On Wednesday night my companion and I, with the sisters, training leaders will meet 21 new missionaries that we will be getting.  We have an hour to get to know them, tell them general rules, and show them around.  It's going to be fun and exciting.  I can't believe I have less then two weeks left here in the MTC.  It's all down hill from here!  I feel like I have been here for months and that I'm going to serve my mission in the MTC.  I'll never get into the Philippines! Not true... I feel like it was yesterday that the zone leaders before me were called. Now, they are gone. It's going to be great to finally get into the field and start this journey. Until then, I have to do my best here.

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