Saturday, August 10, 2013

Goodbye MTC, Hello San Pablo!


     Well, this is my last E-mail from the MTC. I am going to miss this place. I am writing a monstrous of a letter for you guys to enjoy in a couple days so my e-mail will be pretty short this week. I have had some really fun experiences this week that includes: Spiritual experiences, Speaking to people actually in the Philippines, I saw Kira Baird my math teacher from my junior year at the MTC, ummm... one of the elders in my zone knows Lexi Yraguen so we had a conversation about that haha. Don't worry all this is explained in the e-mail so you have to wait muwahahah.
     But, yeah its been really great serving so far and i have met so many people and made so many friends. We all say we are going to hook up when we get back and I really would like it if we did, but come on.... in all reality are we really going to be talking to each other after 2 years?? Doubt it.. I am going to try really hard to stay in contact with my district because most of them live in Utah or are going to school here so I want to be able to see them after my mission and speak the language!
     I am so excited to come back and just speak the language. It is going to be so weird adjusting to everything! I have been told many stories from my teachers and other teachers about San Pablo and how deep the Tagalog goes down there because its more rural. It sounds pretty gnarly and I am in for a ride but, I am looking forward to the challenge!! The pictures were awesome the made me laugh and I love them. I guess I could of been more specific on the pictures that i wanted hahaha. More pictures of my friends, my car, everyday random stuff, the St George trip and things like that is what I was expecting. but, this pictures are really good to and I love them thank you for sending them to me. I was waiting for something like that for a while and it really helped me. You know just pictures that says my life in a photo album and goofy hahah and there were some of those in there too. i look forward to being able to make that photo album bigger throughout the years from myself and you guys.
The cookies were devoured almost instantly! They were so good! Thanks Kennedi your awesome!
umm... what else...
     Oh that picture of Daniel and Mike and their bikes were really cool. Everybody kept wanting to go through my pictures and kept asking me if that was me and my bike, and I was very tempted to tell them it was hahahah. but, I didn't i just told em' my friend is super cool. For some reason it won't let me e-mail Daniel so if you can tell him that he needs to e-mail me sometime so I can get his e-mail address and not the military one I guess, I don't know. I have a lot of cool videos for you to watch I am sending home my SD card. I am also sending home a package of stuff I don't need. Nothing special is in it sorry, i was in a hurry to send it. It's just silk ties that I can't take with me and my watch that broke. So Dad if you want to go to fossil and get it fixed you can have it.
Well I hope life is going well without me ;) ha, get use to it cause I ain't going to be there for another 23 months. I know I am just where I am suppose to be cause I haven't had homesickness, I don't care about any worldly things from home anymore, not even my xbox, tv, car, laptop. It's all yours if you want it. I feel like I have nothing to my name and that my home is now in the Philippines. I will come back and start off fresh. It all doesn't matter to me anymore. Just my Family and Friends that matter to me from home. So write me, e-mail me, call me in like 2 years what ever! I would love to hear from all of you and share my experiences.
Well, if I keep saying more I'll pretty much re-say everything I wrote in my letter.
Good luck to you all and have a good one.
The next time you will hear from me, is when I am in the Philippines!!!
Ingat po. at mabuti suwerte.
-Elder Kikel

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  1. Wow lewis has really caught on with everything! Im so proud of him! Great job raising a total spiritual stud!