Saturday, August 3, 2013

1 Month in the MTC

Kamusta po ang Pamilya at mga Kaibigan!?

So not much to say this week, but I have already wrote a letter that better explains my weeks but its kind of been same old same old, except for the calling that's been kind of crazy!

I got my flight plans (I put all the flight plan details in the letter) but, for mother and father my flight leaves SLC on Monday August 12. I am super excited to go to the Philippines! I can't believe its already here! Time is going by so fast!

Today is my 1 month mark on my mission, and there are only 23 more months to go. If the other months fly by like this one did my mission is going to be over before I can even know the language. The language is coming along alright. I am trying to use it more everyday so I can get use to automatically speaking. We try to talk to each other at lunch and stuff in all Tagalog, it's pretty cool how much you really know if you think about what you are going to say. This last week my companion and I just started trying to teach lessons without memorizing any lines or anything. Just going in with the material and the Spirit. It has been going pretty well, as long as you speak some cave man Tagalog you are going to do alright! My district is the best we are bonding so much I realize that I couldn't have been more lucky with the people I have been placed with in my District. There is almost absolutely no problems within our District and we just all love each other its insane. It is really going to be sad when I have to leave them. It going to be leaving my family again. A lot of them live in Utah and Idaho so we might see each other again. The Sisters tell me that they are going to be at my homecoming haha. I doubt that will happen but they seem pretty dead set on it. It is crazy how much found love you can have for a group of individuals you have only known for a month. Tho we are with each other almost 16 hours of the day it still blows my mind with the blessing and capacity to have that extended love for everyone. It is really nice. I am loving the MTC and I am going to be sad to leave cause I can almost call this place home even if it has its rough times. but, I am excited to finally get into the country and teach real investigators. I have a journey ahead of me and I am going to make it the best that it can be.

Other then that things are pretty much the same. Just sleeping, eating, and studying. 16 hours a day everyday! Even on P day you think you can just sleep all day but, no not really, you find yourself pretty busy on P day also, just in a different way.  umm... Sorry that this is going to be so short I just haven't really had a ton happen this week that I haven't already said in letters that I have sent home! I hope everyone is doing well and that I am doing fine, so no worries. For those who are preparing to go on a mission, prepare for this. You will change as a person almost instantly, Because we are set apart for this work, and we are at a higher plane of thought. As missionaries we are blessed to do so many things that we wouldn't be able to do back at home, I am grateful for those blessings. There is a quote that I can't remember who it is from and how it is said. Maybe i will find it and give it to you exactly but there is a part of it that I like that I want to share.

"The Lord will shape your back to bear the burdens placed upon."

If we have Faith in the Lord and in ourselves we can do anything, and anything is possible. Never doubt. Never quit. Never give up. For I know I am here for a reason, and it's not suppose to be easy, and I don't want it to be. Salvation isn't cheap, so we must work hard to help those receive it.

Thank you for everyone's support and love it means a lot and I am ready for this journey in my life and I can't wait to experience. I try to imagine what it would be like if I was to come even right now. I wouldn't know what to do cause right now all I know how to do is, study, pray, teach the Gospel, and love those around me. Literally I would come home and just be blank. So there is no reason for me to come home and nor will there be a reason that I will come home. I will Endure to the End until my work is done.
-Elder Kikel 

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