Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The end of Caulaug, is near...

Today's e-mail will probably not be as good as the last one, I got a lot of good responses from that last e-mail but it was awesome to see many you inspired by Arman's story. he is the man! He texts us every day asking if he can work, and the thing he wants to do the most is TRACT! haha I believe he is going to be an AP.
Nothing much happened this week, it was pretty simple, and rough. We are still having a hard time finding new investigators, but the good news is that the Ward is really kicking things into gear! But unfortunately I will be gone by the time the fruits start to appear! Hence the title! Transfers are on feb 12 and if not for some abnormal reason I should be transferred. I am actually really sad to leave, but then excite to see more of the Philippines and work with more great people!
So... the bad news is that our baptisms this week fell through...bleh... so there new baptismal goal date will be one Feb 7! They will be ready by then! The are two kids 12 and 15 and they are so awesome I love them so much, between you and me the 15 year old girl always tries to hold my hand I finally got a picture catching her doing it hahah the 12 year old answers like a boss you would think an adult is answering are questions while we are teaching our lessons, he is also the man. Their names are Aubrey (12) Audrey (15). Its a part members family, and we are hopefully going to start teaching their father. I love that family so much, we have gotten so close, sometimes being just me I kind of get a little rowdy in sacrament like the good ol days by doing funny things, and messing with people ha. The bishop called me out in front of everyone in sacrament hahhaha but its all good it was more of a joke then really to chastise me but I still got the message ! I have grown so close to everyone here its crazy! I wish I could be a better missionary for them, but I am who I am,and I have my weaknesses, but I am doing my best to show my love and support for them. I always wonder if I will ever be able to come back to the Philippines, I will go back in 5 years and find Audrey who actually will be a pretty attractive young lady when she is older and say. "you can hold my hand now!" BAWAL!! hahahahaha Ah the the things I think of to keep me entertained sometimes...
but thats pretty much it for the week... sad day I know.. I will try and send pictures of Arman, Audrey, Aubrey and some others. Its been a while since I have sent pictures. So you can put some names to faces! I can't think of anything really funny happening this week, I think last week topped them all! OH WAIT!! I totally thought of one, I hope you are not all so sick of me talking about the girls here but its still so funny to me. okay here it is...

Elder Garcia and I were talking to these girls I knew when I was with Elder Olsen, we tried to teach them. They wanted to be taught but just don't have time because of work, but one day while we were waiting for a ride, we were talking to them, and I remembered that I had a pack of trident gum that my parents sent to me for Christmas I don't know why because we are not allowed to chew gum, but I give it out to kids and tell them its from America and they freak out! anyways... I gave some fo the game to the girls, and they didn't eat it! They put it in little baggies and put them in their purses! As in they wanted as a remembrance of me! hahaha, first off, these girls know who I am they know I am no one special just a mission from America, and I have spoken with them many times, and they still do stuff like that because I am an American. They say its precious!WHAT! cmon its flippin gum just eat it! Sometimes it gets annoying, but still amussing at the same time. I always wonder if I am going to come home attention deprived, like "Why is no one looking at me?" " Am i not beautiful anymore!?" "NO one loves me! I am a ghost!" I am sure it will happen haha but its all good I got to feel like a celebrity for 2 years. I always want to put a gopro camera on my chest and share a video to you all of what it is like to walk in the streets as an american, even after they know who you are! it doesnt always have its perks eaither, The Philipines is like the capital of the gay population, and I am not saying that to be mean or anything like that in anyway but its just so common here and a trend! Bakla's and tomboys is what they are called, and they go all out! Cross dressing, and everything and at first it was beyond creepy! because they will cat call you like crazy, come up to you and get all up in your grill and stuff, and rub your skin, tell you how beautiful you are, and I don't know if I even said this once but I have had one bakla grab my butt! haha but now i just see them as children of god and have fun with them like were are friends. It freaked Elder Olsen out all the time!

Well I will leave it there! I love you all! I will send pictures!

Elder Kikel
-on the Lord's errand-
San Pablo Philippines Mission

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  1. Lewis,

    Way to work your magic with gum! :) Maybe you should sign the piece of gum for them. :) Funny thing is that your influencing them for the good. There might be a seed planted because of the gum.

    The gays there sound like there out of control! We had a massive population in Joplin.MO of all places and they were after the missionaries all the time. Not Cool! Keep a cool head on your shoulders, be the stud leader that you are for these last months of your mission.

    Love you Brother