Monday, February 2, 2015

Gifts of the Spirit

Hey Jo! thats about what every Filipino male calls me out on the streets! some missionaries get angry over it and some do not, I don't mind at all I just throw back a "Hey Phill!" the funniest part is most of them don't get it...

Everyone what is up? the sky is whats up duh...

They never get that one either...

This week was a great week, we actually got a lot more work down then we have been the last couple of weeks! Honestly we have been suffering with almost a ZERO teaching pool!! what! thats impossible but seriously, we almost have no investigators!! but one day we spent the entire day just tracting, trying to talk to as many people as we could, and get as many lessons as possible, and it turned out great! We got 6 new investigators in 3 hours! thats how we do it! I really pumps me up to missionary work when i have days like these because you can just feel the power and authority you have as a missionary. We are on exchanges right now so I wont be able to go back and teach them tomorrow, but Elder Garcia will bring us home with some baptismal goal dates. 

ummm... funny story that happened this week.... wala..(none) I can't think of anything funny or interesting that happened this week, it was just a get down and grind week! But there is good news! Audrey and Aubrey will be baptized this week on Feb 7! I am stoked beyond my mind, this baptism is going to bring so much peace to my heart after such long tribulation and trial in this area! Even though they are only 12 and 15 they are so good! The Zone leaders interviewed them and they said they were fully blown away with how good they were, so we are pretty stocked for them. I will send pictures next week! Also next week will maybe be my last week in Calauag! Transfers are on the 12th and I have been in this area for 6 and half months! What!? none, of the members want me to leave, they all want me to stay until the end of my mission! If that were ever to happen that will be 11 months in one area! PHEWW that is so long! half my mission in one area, but I highly disbelieve that will happen because there really is now reason why I need to stay here, the ward is kicking into gear, and Elder Garcia and his new companion should be able to reap some rewards from that. I am pretty stocked for them. Thats all of the exciting news for this week, which is pretty exciting! 

So to bring it down to a better town for my spiritual message today which is actually going to be a bit hard for me to give but I have been impressed to give it, but before that I just want to give all of you another glimpse of the life in the Philippines. I was talking to a member as we were walking home last night, and as he got off work. To keep it simple and straight to the point, this member is 22 and is preparing to serve a mission, he only has a grade five education because of financial reason and this job is what he is doing to save for his mission. He lifts and stacks 110lbs sacks of rice for 14 hours a day, every single day, for only... 2 freaking dollars... 100 pesos. I don't know about you but that makes me pretty mad that could actually be allowed to happen! its so sad... 14 hours! every single day for 2 dollars a day... wow... but yeah its the only thing he can do to get some kind of money for his mission. 
This message I have to give to today is a little bit difficult not to bad but still a cost of humility, and a release of pride. I thought about sharing this with you guys mostly for those who are going to serve a mission and who might experience the same things. First off, most of you think of me as this amazing missionary, who just gets everything done like a boss, or does everything right, is super obedient all the time, and is always the good example. Well, I am here to tell you, thats not true. As with everyone I have my own personal weaknesses, and have had my down moments, bad days, good days, good moments, and even the lowest of moments and of disobedience, I remember when I came in the mission and I started to realize my purpose as a missionary, I told myself I want to be obedient my entire mission, and never becoming a pasaway missionary, and all ready knowing I have failed at that brings a certain sadness to my soul, but as we know through the doctrine of the Atonement, its never to late to change. For the most part I have been obedient, followed mission rules, and strived to be an example to my peers, it is so much harder then it appears, sounds, and looks like! Seriously, even in the mission field! and I am definitely one who is easily tempted... Not once was I ever happy when I was pasaway, and not once did I approve of what I was doing, but just in a state of sadness, depression, and weakness. The Lord has helped me each time to become stronger, and work things through, only to fall again and feel even worse. Then having to talk to your mission President why, and then look at all our Batch mates being Zone Leaders, and have great success, and stuff like that just makes it even harder... I now have a personal testimony the what alma says is completely true; "Wickedness was never happiness" How true that statement is I can not describe to you! Through all these trials and errors, constantly trying to improve and get back to where I wanted to be and where the Lord needs me to be, I realized one thing, which has given me big comfort. I know out of all trials we are to learn something, and become stronger and this is what I have realized. According to the title of the Letter as missionaries we receive gifts of the spirit to help us in our work as missionaries, and also in any callings we have in the church, and through out our lives. One gift the lord has given to me is the gift of desire! Through out my trails of obedience I have noticed that I have never just accepted being disobedient, I have never enjoyed it or thought i would stay that way till the end of my mission. Every time I am passaway (disobedient) it just eats at my soul! I don't know why but I hate it, and it drives me crazy! and I always seek to improve, I never give up, and I never accept disobedience. That has really been a blessing for me in my mission, no matter what I do the Lord will not allow me to be satisfied with disobedience, I am always evaluating myself, I am always seeking to improve, I am always striving to be better now matter how many times I fall, or how hard it is, or how long it takes me. I just can not be disobedient! I can't do it! and I thank the Lord for giving me that desire always, that allows me to constantly apply the Atonement in my life, and know that this gift will help me through out my life. Knowing no matter HOW HARD things get in life, I can all ways trust in Him and just get up and keep going having hope and faith things will get better, and striving to be better, and the who the Lord needs me to be! Its kind of hard to explain my feelings about this because its been more of a really personal affair then more than an experience. These experience has blessed my life, and I testify that well all receive blessings through our trials and there are reasons and things we need to learn from our trials to prepare us for bigger trails or even bigger assignments from the Lord, all we need to do is accept God's will and just keep climbing that later to exaltation! I would have loved to been the missionary that you all wanted me to be, but I have been the best at doing it, but i want all of you to know that I will never be satisfied with sin no disobedience, and I will always strive to be better, to be who you want me to be! 

Thanks everyone for you love and support, I miss you all, and guess what ONLY 4 MONTHS LEFT! scary...

Love you!

Elder Kikel
-on the Lord's errand-
San Pablo Philippines Mission
 Okay so these pictures include some of me and arman that I told you guys about, he is in the gray shirt, some of our girl "friends" in our area that really wanted to take pictures with us, they got a little close but its still funny. and then some pictures of our two investigators who are going to get baptized(audrey, aubrey) Audrey is in the yellowish top and aubrey is in the black, the one im chocking out haha and then some pictures from our Zone P-day today! hope you enjoy!


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