Monday, January 12, 2015

Just Another Week

I am running out of ideas of what to talk about in these e-mails! It was a slow week this last week, Elder Garcia and I are struggling a bit to find new investigators, we have like none! Sometimes its really frustrating because I have been in this area for almost 6 months now, and everyone we have been teaching just is not progressing and we have to end up dropping them, its so sad, but the work must move on.

We decided this last week that we were going to get bold with the Bishop and the Ward Council, so we talked with our ward mission leader first, and then we moved onto Bishop explaining that there will be no baptisms in His ward, if the ward doesn't start a missionary plan and action. If have a really hard time working with members in this area, and because of that there are no referrals, even after we have taught them all multiple times now. We were pretty bold in saying we needed to have meetings, and action, and it worked and we are starting to get things rolling again. Our goal is to have the Ward create a Ward mission plan of how they are going to help others come unto to christ with the help of the Full time missionaries! I think by the time this actually gets going I will be transferred, but at least it will start. I really want to help these people, and help their ward while I have the blessing of serving with them, I have come so close with these members even closer then my last area, maybe because I have been here longer.

We weren't able to get as much done this last week, because I was gone for two of those days. I had a District Leader's training in San Pablo which I was absent in my area for two days because my area is so far away from the mission home. The meeting was awesome! First off I stayed with the Ap's and Office Elders and it so happens that my Trainee Elder Strobelt is in the apartment, and I haven't been able to catch up with him since I left him, so it was really nice to be able to sit down and catch up. The next day we had a nice 7 hour training were President, his wife, Ap's and other missionaries gave workshops on the importance of the District Leader, it was really instructive, and of course spiritually uplifting. President does a really good job at helping us feel like we are the best in the mission haha. He says we are the back bone of the mission, the bishop of the mission, and the hard worker. I feel privileged to be apart of this calling. assignments after assignments. I notice once thing this last week, after I was done with my training, I have been the Senior companion ever since, I have never had a companion with more experience then me or someone to teach me how to do it, I had to learn all from experience, trial and error. I have trained twice, follow up trained twice, two special assignments, 2 new companions, and am now a district leader. Sometimes I would like to wish the President would give me just a really good hard working obedient companion and stick us in the hardest area of the mission, and we will do work. Thats all I want is a hard working obedient companion with mission field experience... but obviously the Lord thinks otherwise haha. It definitely has been a rough run but it has built me through and through. I still sometimes don't understand the purpose of things and I think sometimes we never will, just always be obedient and do your best, and one day you will know!

Many of the Elders say I will become a Zone Leader this next transfer, I am not to sure that will happen considering I just became a district Leader, and the fact there is a lot better missionaries then I am, but I am still trying to improve and be better day by day, until the end! 

In the Meeting that I had President gave a really good workshop about DESIRE. It was really spiritual, and he really just revealed what the word desire actually means and the kind of action that results from our desires. I quoted a lot from a talk that Elder Dallin H Oaks gave about desire, and also shared about that guy whose arm got pinned while he was hiking, and had the desire to live so he cut off his own arm using a pocket knife.. Now that is some desire. I am not ready to come home, now do I think I ever will be. Its going to be hard, but is necessary for the next chapter in my life! I miss you all and I can't wait to see you! Stay fresh!

Elder Kikel
-on the Lord's errand-
San Pablo Philippines Mission

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