Monday, January 19, 2015

Desires/Typhoon Survivor 3/The Pope!

All righty my friends lots to talk about so lets get into it!

 I will talk in order of the Topics!
So first I mentioned a little bit about Desires in my last e-mail. I want to talk about it a little bit more this time because this last week we had the opportunity to have a personal interview with President Mangum, and man he just blows me away every time. In preparation for my interview I made myself a "Mission Vision" basically stating what I desire to accomplish, be, and do for the rest of my mission, I was very carefully in deciding what I need to work on, to do, and to be! Also included in this vision of course is setting goals for myself to achieve this vision that I have for myself. President Mangum was pretty happy that I did this and he talked to me a lot about our desires in life.
Basically put, Our desires come from our hearts, our wishes and wants in life come from our heads. If we truly desire something then it means we are going to put all of our heart, might, mind, and strength into it until we achieve it! Wishing or wanting just causes us to become lazy, frustrated, and even sometimes depressed. Our Desires is what drives us to act, to rise, and to work! It is what changes our natures, and not just our behaviors.
Some of examples that I have seen of this desire will have to be of a young man in my ward right now who is preparing to leave to serve in the Philippines, Bacolod mission on Feb 27. His name is Arman Venus. He is 21 and has a family of 13! half his family is less active, his Mom is unable to support herself or move due to her 10 strokes she has had! His Father works all day everyday to be able to support the family, and also pay those hospital bills, and all of them live in a bamboo build house on stilts about the size of our living room when you walk in my house in Herriman. Talk about desire... this man is willing to leave His family in that kind of situation to serve the Lord, He even quite his job so he can work with us! and even through a Typhoon he still came to church drenched from head to toe because he had no money for a tricycle so he walked. Now if this isn't a testimony builder then I don't know what is, especially for me because I know him personally, I know his family, their trials, and their sorrows. That my friends is coming from his heart, to serve the Lord. Not just because somebody wants him to do it or it is expected because he is converted. So I invite everyone to obtain this kind of desire in their live to serve the Lord, in one way or another, and come closer to him by studying about Him in the Scriptures.
Phew! 1 topic down... 2 more to go!
The Typhoon! I don't know if any of you heard but there was another Typhoon where we were at! It came out of No where! out of the five signals it was a signal 2 almost signal 3! Typhoon Ruby was a signal 3 for us, but this storm was way stronger then Ruby! Sunday morning it started raining like crazy, and the wind start blowing like a beast! But as good missionaries do, we still went to church. Honestly, I hardly expected any members at the church. We were the second there, with the second councilor or the bishopric being the first, then watching the bishop and his family approach the church soaked from head to toe in shorts and t-shirts, with bag of clothes to change into. There was bout 12 of us in attendance that day but it was great to see the faithfulness and desires of these members to follow the lords commandments and receive the promise blessings. After Church, there were no tricycles outside because outside was having a little war! So Elder Garcia and I volunteered to walk out in the rain and try and find some transportation for the members to get home after waiting for a few hours. Yeah we were also soaked from head to toe with floods up to our shins! it was fun and exciting, until we got home to a flooded apartment! ahhh! With no power! So not much work got done that day haha but everything turn out all right and spent a little over 6 hours this morning cleaning our apartment so its all in the past now! haha
As most of you saw on the news the Pope to come to the Philippines, and nothing really crazy happened here in Calauag but I heard of some crazy things going on. He was in Manila which is pretty dang far away from us but still we weren't able to use or phones at certain as the pope was traveling, people talking about him, people watching him on tv, and all sorts of stuff, but nothing out of the normal happened while we were working. One funny thing was that I was talking to a member and he was talking about the Pope and I got him a little mixed up and I thought he said the Pope of was here in Calauag at the Catholic church, and I asked him like 5 times if it was true, and we went to the Catholic Church to go meet the Pope of the entire world, and guess what, there was NOBODY there haha. I misunderstood him haha...
okay my friends I will leave you on a good note with some laughter. This last week Elder Garcia and I were eating at a kiosk that we usually it at, and one day we went there, there was a lot of college girls eating that just got out of school. The all started giggling, waving, and trying to talk to me in english. It was the end of the day, I was tired, and thought I would have some fun haha. So I will admit I was bit flirtatious in words and action haha but the Lord thought that was a "No,No" because eventually we had to leave to go home, and as I was walking away, I fell right through a wooden plank that was covering a sewer drain!!! and my right leg fell into who knows what... and then proceeding the laughter of all the college girls... Lesson learned. haha so now when we have been walking down the streets lately I will have random people laugh at me and tell me I was the one the fell in the sewer.. oh well, we used it to get oyms!
So there you have it folks, I hope your week was as good as mine and I hope you are all staying beautiful! Shiny faces, and bright smiles! Till next time...

Elder Kikel
-on the Lord's errand-
San Pablo Philippines Mission

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