Monday, November 3, 2014

100% Agency 100% Responsibility

Hello Everyone! I think this is about my 67th e-mail I have sent home since I have been in the mission? I am not sure I am not really counting. Its hard not to count when the clock is ticking closer and closer, and all of a sudden you got to start planning and preparing, but I still got some good time left so its all good.

All right I don't have much time so I will dive right into the good stuff, the missionary training meeting that we went to! 

We were taught from on high by Elder Ribbons who spoke in the most recent General Conference. Even though we were dead tired, that meeting was incredible! 
Okay I will give a little background first, cmon Its me I got to tell the stories first! So after our work last Monday we traveled over the Zone Leaders area, and also the District Leaders area, they live in the same apartment, and also some other missionaries from a farther area were sleeping over at that apartment, so there was 8 of us in that apartment! Yeah... we didn't sleep... MONOPOLY! We did our planning, and got everything ready to go. Then we just played monopoly until 2 in the morning... haha oops... it was probably best that we got as much sleep as possible but it was to tempting! I havnt played monopoly in so long! They didn't know what hit  em' when you got a Kikel in a monopoly game things get real, and I took it all the way for the win! hah good ol' days...

So after we left, and picked everyone up with the van that we rented, we arrived in San Pablo at 5 in the morning, which was 5 hours early! haha, so we had some McDonalds breakfast, and we all slept at McDonalds! After a little while we went to the chapel, and saw pretty much everyone! Almost the entire mission was there 200+ missionaries! it was so cool! 

Elder Robbins talked about Agency and Responsibility, and it was awesome how he described it. Because we have agency we also have Responsibility, and we can't have any excuses for our responsibilities, and he continued to give a list of excuses and examples of how people use their agency to get out of things, and a big topic he talk about was blaming others, even when they are to blame.  It really put it into perspective how when we exercise Responsibility your are also exercising self control, and humility. You are acting in a more Christ like manner, and more outwards, then inwards. When we start to list the excuses thats when Satan takes control of us. We should always take responsibility for everything that we do, good or bad. Every choice has a consequence, and it all starts with the choice, so lets choose to be more responsible in our lives. 

Thats about it for this week, we had a good week and we talked to a lot of people! More then I have in my entire mission. Elder Oslen is doing great! The stories have kind of stopped but thats okay I am working more, and I am more focused! What a blessing! There is a purpose to all things! 

I love you everyone and I can't wait to see you all, Stay fresh, clean, and just stay there so I can see ya when I arrive home in some what months... 

Ingat kayong Palagi at huwag na malimuton mo ako! 

take care always and don't forget me! 

Elder Kikel
-on the Lord's errand-
San Pablo Philippines Mission

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  1. Lewis, Monopoly is awesome! I remember the major battles on the mission with both monopoly and risk, good times! Now that your one of the seasoned missionaries everyone will be looking to you for advice and experience, its fun at that point. Be solid for them in every way you can. They are the guys that will be leaving your legacy there in the mission. Thanks for your willingness to serve the Lord. You're a great missionary and now a legend! :)

    Your bro