Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Missionary Tour

Not much to report today.. just been a quite week, and needed improvements!

Mission tour is coming up these next few days and I am so excited! These kind of events are the best, and just lift you off the ground. Elder Bowen has asked us to study about The Abrahamic Covenant, House of Israel, Baptismal Covenant, and the Oath and Covenant of the Priesthood. As I have studied these topics, I have learned so much Church or Biblical History, and has helped me to understand better the background of a few things in the Book of Mormon and also the bible. They are great topics to study about, and help us to understand our purpose as members of this church, and the blessing we will receive if we are faithful. 

Now that I have been more prepared for the topics that he will discuss I am super excited how he will just evolve the knowledge that I have learned.  It will be a great experience and I will report on it next week. 

So thats pretty much it, but I want to tell a funny story haha. So I have told you about how the girls here and stuff, and ever since that has been happening Elder Calianga wants me to oym them, and try to get them to teach because I am white! and Tall! I  just haven't been able to do it! believe it or not but I am to shy! hahaha... I feel like I am trying to pick up a girl, more then I am trying to share the Gospel, then they just always giggle and stuff like that I don't like haha, but anyways, we mentioned that to one of the members here that is a RM, and he started giving me tips on how to pick up girls, and also how to get better at oyming it was hilarious, he is so good! He is a really cool guy, we asked him to give us an example, an without hesitation he gets up where we were siting and starts talking to this random girl! and got her number! haha, and then they told me to do it, and they just laughed at me cause I couldn't do it haha, It was pretty funny actually. ITs BAWAL for missionaries to be shy right!? ha, so what we decided that on Thursday we are going to go on splits, and me and this member are just going to tract all day so we can try and find some new investigators, and also to help me build some better confidence hahahaha can't wait! These Filipinos are such jokers, I love em! 

anyways thats about it for this week. Ill give a good e-mail next week. Bye!

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