Tuesday, August 26, 2014

I got Notin'

Hey everyone! How are things going!?

I am not really sure what to talk about today... nothing much really happen this last week. umm... work was simple, still trying to find an actual teaching pool, but the members are still really supportive and you know you got a good relationship with the Bishop if you are always at his house hanging out haha... shhh... This Bishop is really cool here, he was called as a Bishop just recently in January and he just always asks us how are work is every time we see him.

Nothin really funny or exciting happened this week kind of like last week haha, except we finally got our water back! Yes! except I think our water tank is broken and starts to overfill at night because we are not using the water and the stopper thingy doesn't work, so everyone morning there is just a big flood on the side of our house, which means our water bill is going to be insane! we are trying to contact the land lord and I have no idea how to call a plumber here in the Philippines hah! 

hmm what else.... 

Next week we have are Mission Tour again! we only have them once a year! I still remember that last one with Elder Neilson, this one is with Elder Bowen one of the presidents I think of the quorum of the seventy, I am not exactly sure but I am super excited. I was bummed at first that it wasn't going to be an apostle, but thats okay these seventies still know how to spirit bomb you just like an apostle would. I love these kinds of meetings because you just get so inspired! And I have recently been blessed with a bigger desire to serve which is awesome because that is exactly what I need in this area! I actually really like the area besides the fact we are teaching everyone's kids haha, but the members are nice, the ward house a strong foundation, and I see a lot of potential here. So If i happen to be here for 6 months I think that will be okay, which means I would only have one more area possibly, and then I am home! What the heck, it just goes by so fast!

Its been really hot here in Calauag but after reading Elder Wood's e-mails I don't think I can complain anymore because he has it pretty bad as well haha, His heat is just pure heat i think, is it humid in Mexico? probably is, so hes got it worse haha. 

anyways ill just leave it there and spend the rest of the time sending you all some sweet pics! I had some really cool ones but i accidentally deleted all of my pictures from my entire mission!!! *Face Palm* yeah I just about went Hulk Smash on our house.... 

Good news is the I have back ups of most the pictures but I don't know if I backed up the pictures from my baptism until now so thats why I was so mad haha, I am going to try and get them retrieved when I travel for mission tour. 

Okay now I really am going to end this e-mail. Mahaba pala ang e-mail ko. I was going to translate that into english but I don't know how to haha... umm something like "Oh so my e-mail actually was long" nah thats wrong  but anyways love you all thanks for you support as usual. Have a good week. 

Elder Kikel
-on the Lord's errand-
San Pablo Philippines Mission

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