Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Transferred na Ako!

Well the Title says it all ( I am no transferred) I don't have much time to give an e-mail today because the AP's called this morning and told me I was Emergency transferred! So which means I had to pack up everything immediately and head off to the port tomorrow morning, with barely anytime to visit the members.... I was really sad. I think I got emergency transferred because I have another special assignment so it probably means its going to be another Elder Oliva deal... but I hope this time this Elder is willing to change and work on stuff, or it could be something else I am not sure at all. It worked out just perfectly because last week we lost all of our investigators completely! The Lord has blessed us and the we receive lots of referrals and came across some new prepared investigators that will mostly likely be baptized, which means the work will keep going.
I am really going to miss the area and everything about it, I don't have time to describe my feelings but I have expressed them before, and Ill never forget this area and everything about it, it has blessed truly. My new area is in the Lopez Zone, I forgot what that actual area is called but everyone says that Lopez is the armpit of the mission because there is nothing out there and its the farthest zone in the mission, so I think i got myself a challenge ahead of me! Bring It! 

Well thats all about it that I have for you this week, sorry it couldn't be more, and for mom and dad I will have to send you an e-mail next week. Such a rush! haha love you all and till next time!

Elder Kikel
-on the Lord's errand-
San Pablo Philippines Mission

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  1. Lewis,

    It sucks to get emergency transferred, but that means that your one of the studs that the mission president trusts completely. Great job on being such a great missionary! The harder you work the better looking your wife will be. :)

    Your bro