Monday, August 11, 2014

Outer Darkness...

Well I got the news for yall peeps open dem ears and close dems mouts!

Well turns out that I was transferred to an area that is the farthest area in our mission! Calauag, Lopez! It is so far! it was over a 5 hour bus ride! Thats like riding to St. George with no movies to watch, crammed in a seat that doesn't even fit your knees! haha It wasn't a fun ride but I finally got here. 

So how's this area? Just like all the other areas I have been put in haha, No work has been done, area book hasn't been updated, house hasn't been cleaned, and companion that needs some help.

I will start with the Companion. Elder Calianga is his name and he is actually a really cool guy, we have a lot in common (games) yeah we are both nerds. So we got a long really well, we were able to sit down right away and talk about our expectations and our weaknesses and all that fun stuff, and it turns out that he isn't really the reason why i was Emergency transferred, he is a good Elder and there is just a few things that we can work on, he is really willing to work and do everything else so thats good. I actually have no idea why I was Emergency Transferred but I'll give a little background of the Zone I am now in (lopez) This zone is known as the Outer Darkness, and who lives in Outer darkness? bad people do haha... and so it is here that all the pasaway missionaries in the mission are here in the Lopez Zone, I am not saying all the missionaries here right now are pasaway but it has its reputations, and the stories that I have heard are just unbelievable and I will not repeat them in an e-mail. So maybe I have been placed here to add some strength to the Zone, I am not sure I traveled directly here I didn't have an interview with President or anything. So a few obedient missionaries amongst the many pasaway missionaries is all ready taking affect, I feel alone, really alone, and under attack haha. I am like the only foreigner in this Zone, and the missionaries have their little secret combinations over here its crazy, I can't believe it. Elders have all ready started to make fun of me for being obedient, ridiculed, laughed at, and teased. Ain't no easy task but Elder Kikel is on the Job and he aint going to be fooled' and guess who my new District Leader is... Elder Oliva. My first companion in Mindoro haha yeah thats been pretty fun... (not really) he was there when I got off the bus and the first thing he says is " welcome to my Kingdom" and I just thought "oh great..." haha... this will be fun. He goes home in a couple weeks, so missionary work is out the window for him. Its sad really but he can make his own choices and will recognize what he has done later in life, or in the next. 

Work wise it has been just the same as my other areas haha. No investigators, no teaching pool, and a weak relationship with the members. Area book hasn't been updated for months, and no work done in this area for the last six months as well. So... here we go again with the same process as last, fix, repair, and plant... haha thats fine I am ready and willing, its what has been asked for me to do so which means I need to do it. I will just make that plane flight that much more relaxing haha! 

Oh fetch... and the apartment looked like it hasn't been cleaned in years!! It was so bad, and so depressing to come too my first day. It is actually one of the nicest apartments I have seen the mission it is sweet. Its like 10 times better then my apartment in Victoria, but its just so dirty! So what did we do? We cleaned it for 2 days straight! no work! I am starting to get good a this cleaning stuff. Now its clean and its looks amazing, I love my companion for being willing to help me clean it and clean it the right way the first time! Dad, I now understand when you constantly said that to me, I was so hard headed before haha... sorry. ha. 

The members are really nice here and they are super excited for me to be here for some reason... (I wonder why)

I am like super hero here! hahah its crazy! its like this city has never seen a white guy before! Even though there has been white missionaries here before but the people are just so shocked to see me. Everyone asks me how tall I am and where I am from. Everyone just stares at me. Everyone calls me Superman haha. Not to mention the girls here.. a freak... haha where ever we go girls take on look at me and start giggling and whisper to the friends, and they like cat call me in a sense and its super weird! Kids follow us forever on the streets, old guys calling me out saying " Hey Joe!" My companion says I am like celebrity here everyone all ready knows who I am.... haha as I am writing this e-mail there is girls outside peepin through the windows and waving at me haha.... Its crazy here I am going to get kidnapped are something! Nah... My companion who is Filipino that I forgot to mention told me that if you are as tall as I am and white I could get any girl I wanted in the city. Its really weird and different. I am going to come home and no one is going to notice me the same way and I am going to feel like a ghost hahah! Its a good laugh everyone now and then but mostly annoying because you can never get an oym in all they want to do is talk to you laugh and giggle. 

Well thats about it for now I hope you are all doing well back at home, and keep strong because the world is going down the Toilet!

Elder Kikel
-on the Lord's errand-
San Pablo Philippines Mission

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  1. Lewis,

    Use the your charming white boy skills to get them thinking about the book of Mormon.:) Getting transferred to areas that don't have anything going on is great! Field is white already to harvest. Rub your hands together because that's an awesome opportunity. Helps to be the local celebrity also? Do what you do best and that's work hard and teach everyone around you by example.

    Your Bro