Monday, September 29, 2014

Kitten Killer

Hey!!! whass upp...
So this e-mail will be pretty short, well short for me haha but I got tons of pictures I am going to send so hopefully the computer will let me!
So first of on the news list is that I never really mentioned that we had baptisms coming up! We had 3 baptisms this last week! Whoo! I never really mentioned it because there are just 3 little girls that are from part member families, but as I thought about it, these kids are awesome! They will grow up in the church, possibly serve mission and help support and strengthen the Ward which is exactly what this Ward needs! So I am pretty grateful to have gotten to know them and help them be baptized! They were so excited, it definitely helped me to learn how to teach kids, because I haven't really taught a lot of kids on my mission, you have to speak super slowly and super simple haha. They are all 9 years old. I will try to send pictures of the baptisms!
Okay now for a few quick stories...
First we had our District meeting here in Calauag we usually travel to the District Leader's area to the chapel in his area, but we decided to do it here instead last week, and we were suppose to get the key to the chapel. That morning we went to the members house that has the keys, and they weren't there! So a longer story made short we had District meeting in our Apartment! haha I took pictures, it was hilarious that is definitely the first time that has happened to me, we used an ironing board as a desk haha. Plus its only 4 of us! 2 companionship's! That is also a first, its because we are so far out here in the mission! It takes us about 20 mins on a bus to get to their area, and an 1 and a half to get to the next closest area! its so far!
Okay so this next story for all those who are cat lovers, or even more kitten lovers (mom) stop reading this e-mail.... haha
So it was late at night and we just got done teaching, we are in a very poor area so there is no lights outside, and we have no flashlights so were are literally just walking in the dark, and we can't see anything because there is super bright lights far away pointed towards us! So as we were walking I stepped on something soft, and I heard a squeak! I thought it was a frog because I have done that a few times haha, but then my companion yells out " Dude! you just stepped on  a kitten!" I was like what! and to all your cat lovers, the kitten lived, I didn't kill it haha. it just got up and kept walking out in the middle of no where! thats actually quite normal, there is so many stranded dogs and cats here there is always little puppies and kittens runnin around everywhere. sad story I know but you will get use to it haha ONly in the Philippines!
Thats about it! Hope you guys had a great week! and I will write next time!
Activity at the church

enjoying some buko! Coconut!

District meeting

selfie hour! and I forgot to shave

Elder Kikel
-on the Lord's errand-
San Pablo Philippines Mission

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