Tuesday, July 1, 2014

May sakit sa tanga ko

Hey everyone how has you week been? Mine was okay, let me tell you about it...

I am getting known now in our Zone for being a good story teller when ever we with the zone or district or with other missionaries they will always ask me for a story, (Because I just talk to much) and I never realized till now how much I talk ha, but hey they love it so it works out!

This last week was okay but a little rough again... our week was fun until we got up to Friday when we went on exchanges again in Soccoro. I was working with my batch Elder Hammer i served with him in the MTC. anyways.. we were working in an area where they were having a fiesta which is like a big neighborhood party! its pretty cool, but not for missionaries, because everyone and I mean everyone was absolutely hammered, and here in the Philippines people like to make food and feed people and since we are both foreigners EVERBODY wanted us to eat at their house! It was crazy we were being attacked by people everywhere and they are all drunk! We ate so much food, and then it got a little overboard. The people here are pretty sensitive and get offended easily so when we told a bunch of guys that we had somewhere to go and that we can't eat they started to get mad at us, and it got a little sketchy too they started grabbing our arms and pulling us into their houses and being aggressive of course because they are drunk. We manage to get away safely and continue our day. 

Also that same time people called the "Mangyans"  came down to beg for food and stuff. So let me try and explain what mangyans are... you know on tv or on documentaries how they have shows about villages and people who still live in the old ways, like living off the land, wear loin clothes and stuff like that, yep... they have them here in the Philippines and they are called mangyans and when their is a Fiesta they will come down from the mountain to try and beg for food and stuff, and they are all in loin clothes and stuff like that with swords, and bows strapped to their backs, its crazy! 

Work wise it was okay, we missed out on a few days of work because of exchanges and I had to go to the Hospital. (ill talk about that later) but we are teaching these awesome investigators right now that are going to be baptized in July and they are really looking forward to that so that is super exciting! We are planning a baptism on July 12 which is the week before transfers and also baptisms on July 19 and July 26. So lots of good things happening and again transfer day is on July 17th so who knows what could happen I have all ready been here 3 transfers and 4 transfers is the max in one area. But what ever happens I look forward to preparing these people for baptism and seeing their testimonies grow! 

The Peterson are gone now! They are probably still on a plane! That was so fast I remember 2 months ago I talked about this. President and Sister Mangum are here and We get to meet them and see them on Thursday at Zone Conference so that will be really exciting! 

Okay.. so the Hospital! that wasn't fun... So on Thursday I started to get a ear infection and it wasn't that bad so I planned to get some ear drops and stuff like that but then I had to go on exchanges. After that night It just got so bad! My ear were completely swollen on both sides with ear wax dripping out of my ears with some pretty excruciating pain, and I bought medicine and stuff and it wasn't working, same with pain killers. Then I also got a fever from it too, I had a temperature of 102 degrees! I couldn't sleep at all and I was just miserable so we finally went down the the Zone Leaders area to go to the Hospital and there was no ENT in office so we had to wait till the next morning. The pain was just so bad, probably one of worst pains in my entire life, I couldn't anything by sit down and clench my fist fighting through the pain while they others had to sit there and worry. I feel bad for them that they had to see me like that, it probably really stressed them out. Here is the cool part, I asked for a blessing from the Elders and took some pain medication and went to bed. I fell asleep almost instantly and I woke up around 12 am because I had to go the bathroom, and when I woke up my fever was gone and the pain in the my ear was gone too! They were still super swollen but the pain was gone! I was so happy I wanted to wake up the Elders and tell them what happened ha it was a miracle! So I slept well that night and this morning the pain came back a little bit but my fever was gone and we went hunting around the city and finally found an ENT that we had to wait for ever for, and he stuck a camera in ears and the video footage was on a big screen and my ears were almost completely swollen shut, he couldn't even see my eardrum in one ear. So he sucked out all the ear wax out of my ear as much as he could which was pretty painful because he had to force it down my ear, and now its okay my ears are still swollen and I am taking medication, so hopefully I will be well enough to go to Zone Conference! But yeah, thats the story! its was a good ol time but hopefully it doesn't happen again...

hahah well thats about it for this week I will let you know next week how that Zone Conference went! If I can go! 

Till next time...

Elder Kikel
-on the Lord's errand-
San Pablo Philippines Mission

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