Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Life is a Roller Coaster, so is the Mission!

Hey y'all! Ha psh... they would never say that here in the Philippines!

Well.. Just like the title says the Mission is a Roller Coaster as well! One week its super good, and the next is super bad...

This week wasn't super bad but it was just another rough week! man...
Work was hard, we kept getting punted from our appts. we had to drop some investigators, and the Investigators that we do have are not progressing very well, so its been kind of discouraging week, but you can't allow that! It will weaken your Faith! 

Also I got pretty sick on Thursday, I don't know what happen but I managed to get through companionship study and then it hit me like a truck! I just couldn't do anything! Everything form the neck above just felt like it was swollen! So that was fun, and then we had to do exchanges in our district leader's area, while I had this sickness which I think made it worse, but its okay we had a really good exchange.  Sometimes I wish you guys could be a fly on the wall, and just watch what I do every day, haha you would probably laugh pretty hard. In times of sorrow, and discouragement i have my ways of bringing our spirits back up, just being myself thats how! 

I am loving this area for sure! My favorite area so far, even though it is the hardest! I don't know what it is but I just love it here, maybe because this is the only area were I have actually came close to the members, and got to know all the members. I love everyone of them and they are such a good example of how we should Endure to the End no matter what. They live lives that most of us can't even imagine living. you thought our apartment was rough, actually, our apartment is nicer then any of our neighboors, and most of our members, and investigators. Most of the people here live in bamboo huts, some with no electricity. This area has truly humbled me, and helped me to be grateful for the things that I have. Our lives are what these people dream of living. So be grateful to live in God's country. 

Mom, and Dad, I just have to say you are going to love me when I get home... because I cleaned from 8am-1pm, just clean, clean, and clean. bathroom, shower, kitchen, living room, bedroom! Everything! I drives me nuts now when things are dirty and now I have to clean it agad-agad (Immediately) haha, and how much faster will it be with a dishwasher! and I used to complain to do dishes that took 5 mins! haha... psh... little did I know... Sometimes it just hits me that I am just living by myself with my companion in the middle of the jungle, in a far away land, buying my own food, taking care of bills, and all the other grown up stuff. This mission stuff truly prepares you for life! 

So one funny thing that I have to admit was when I was sick I got pretty homesick as well. I was just sick of it, and wanted home! I just wanted I nice hot bath, with some REAL juice, and a nice movie. Oh man! how that sounded so nice! I couldn't stop thinking about it. I wanted a hot bath so bad, I ended up boiling water and pouring it into a bucket, and stood in it hahahah, and then I slowly poured it over my head to make it feel like I was taking a shower, then I wanted to take a bowl and puncture wholes into it so I can make myself a makeshift shower head! ha! I was actually really nice, and I did it last night too! But I am feeling better now, and we got a good week planned this week. Those 9 baptisms that we had planned kind of all fell through so now we are hoping and praying that we can get 2 on July 12! Which is the week before Transfers! They are pretty promising, and one all ready wants to get baptized its just her Husband thats having a hard time recognizing his answer! Also we found 2 new investigators that were referrals that are so prepared! I guess you can call them the Golden Investigators! They  were asking tons of questions, they came to church even before we met them, and when we gave them book of mormons they asked us what their reading assignment was! jackpot! So hopefully that goes well also! 

Well everyone thats about it, it was just a simple week. I will try and send a bunch of pictures today. 

This picture is part of the Zone waiting at the Pear for the boat! and enjoying some Ice cream! 
Elder Kikel
-on the Lord's errand-
San Pablo Philippines Mission
Elder Bituen and I at the Hotel for Zone Conference

Dare to go to the Bathroom?

Foot long!

The Philippines!

Elder Boyd and I! he goes home July 12

We were tracting and came across this creepy doll! 

I am cute...

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  1. Funny how the mission prepares you for life so much more better than if you didnt go on a mission. I do believe that the Lord helps your mind grow and figure things out for yourself on a mission then for real life you can handle what ever crazy thing comes your way. Love the pictures keep them up.