Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Opposition in all things!

Well since I bragged about how good my week was last week, I guess I got humbled this week hahaah... it was not a good week...

phew.. This last week is finally over! It was a rough one for sure! Elder Bituen and I set some pretty high goals for our numbers this last week seeing how our numbers have gone up every single week! We were super pumped to nail this week, and really excessive faith. It was going good up to Wednesday, and then it just went all down hill... It started to rain heavy storms every single day, almost all day! I don't have an umbrella either hahah! So that made it really difficult to work, and when it rains in the Philippines, everything just shuts down and everybody takes a nap because its not so hot. So because it was raining so much 3 times in a row we got punted from almost all of our appointments for the day before we even got out of the apartment! wow, that was discouraging! We didn't know what to do! So it was definitely a rough week for us, and numbers wise we did okay, but mentally and spiritually it was a roller coaster! 

Its over now and its a new week! You can't ever give up or get discouraged! In the PMG is say that getting discouraged weakens your faith, THATS TRUE! Just go and do and the Spirit will guide, even if you don't know it, just like nephi!

This next week is pretty much a week long P-day because today is P-day, and then Tuesday, Wednesday we will be out of our area for a Zone Conference, since we are on an island we have to travel farther, and we get to stay in hotels again! Whoo! Hot water again, score! cant wait... then on Saturday, and Sunday we have a District Conference so that will take half the day. So really we only get to work on Thursday and Friday. At first I would think thats awesome but, since I have been on my mission I have realized the importance of time that we have in a day, and now I think, man we have so little time this week to teach, and to share, what a waste! It will be nice though to just relax for a little bit and enjoy our Zone and other Zones, relieve some stress (Its been really stressful lately) and regain that enthusiasm! 

So This transfer is going to be very interesting, President Peterson has us do what we call Area Visions every transfer, where are companionship sit down and set goals of what they want to accomplish in that 6 weeks. Elder Bituen and I can see the potential here in Victoria, and we are going to exercise some Faith this transfer that is going to take a lot of work. We have set a goal for 9 baptism this transfer!!! Did Elder Kikel just say 9 Baptisms!? But in his whole year on his mission he has only gotten one Baptism!? Yup, its true, but There are names and plans for every 9 of those baptisms, and so far this last week its not looking so good, but we believe it can be done. So, I am nervous and excited for this Transfer! We will see what happens, if we don't reach those goals that is okay, The lord just has different timing for those people, but I believe we got ourselves a few prospects that will end being baptized! 

Other then that things are going good, Elder Bituen and I are like brothers, we just have fun, and goof around sometimes, and other times we just don't want to talk to each other haha... and the language is getting a lot better, I pretty much just talk Elder Bituen in Tagalog now which is awesome! He understands English very well, so if I have a hard time I just speak to him in English haha... but I have a learned a lot of Tagalog from him so its awesome to think I am almost fluent in this language, and that I actually speak a different language! 

I am now in the war chapters of the Book of Mormon, and can't even describe to you how excited i get when I read these chapters haha, Elder Bituen makes fun of me, because I will be sitting in a chair, shouting and hollering, and bouncing around as I read those chapters! They are just so awesome, and I get way into them hahah! Moroni is the man! 

Well, thats about it this week for you all, lets hope this next week will be better! Thank you for all your support, and everything that you do for me, I appreciate it!

-Elder Kikel

-This picture is the Halo-Halo (Mix-Mix) I was talking about. Its got corn, beans, and all kinds of good stuff in it haha its gooood...

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  1. Sounds like things are great! No worries about them canceling appointments because of 2 things, first there so many more people to teach and second they will be available when the weather gets hot. :) 9 baptisms is an awesome Goal! Funny when you write goals down and look at them all the time the Lord helps you exercise faith and they come true! You will hit 9 baptisms!!! Keep whooping when reading Book of mormon and stories about Cap Moroni. To us here at home believe that you are Cap Moroni :) Spiritual Giant from the Utah Jazz. :)