Monday, June 16, 2014

The Treat

Hello Everyone,This last week has been a real treat for me haha and I will try and share it with you!

So, I will just go straight into the good stuff, ZONE CONFERENCE! This last Zone Conference was the best one I have ever been too, and definitely the most spiritual! i don't even know where to begin to describe it! well, first off it was just a blast seeing the whole zone again, and just hanging out with them all, getting to know them even more, since a lot of us still are here for this transfer! We all got on the boat and took off for the mainland! I feel like I haven't been in the Main land for so long! We went to a place called "SM" which is like your average mall here in the Philippines. We all ate dinner there, and shopped for things that we needed. After that we all went to the hotel.... sadly my good friends, and family I did not enjoy the hot water...we got to the hotel, which was the same as last time, but the office accidentally booked the rooms the day before so there where no open rooms for us and we were stranded. It was about 9 at night, and we were trying to call President, and also APs to see if we can get another hotel. at about 10:30 we were finally able to get settled in a hotel, which actually was nicer, but the hot water heater didn't work! I didn't care at the point, I was just so sick off all the missionaries complaining about everything that was going on. Next time na lang... We have another Zone Conference this transfer in Early July to meet the new Mission President. So this transfer is pretty crazy! 

The next morning we went to Zone Conference, we went early so we can see some of the other missionaries in the other Zones and talk to them. Love It! I saw a lot of missionaries from my last area,  i saw Elder Boyd again before he goes home, i also saw Elder Perez my companion from the MTC! It was awesome, but the best part was the Conference itself! The Entire Conference lasted 8 hours!!!! 9-5pm! They are usually 4 at the max! President just had a lot on his mind before he left. Ill get to that later....
It started off with a few talks from Missionaries which were good, it was about having faith in Christ and converting it to faith based action. Faith is all about doing, and acting. Many people say they have faith,but most don't act on it. we also had a few talks from the couple missionaries which were awesome. We have a missionary couple that are 80+ years old! This is there 6th couple mission! Wow! what devotion. Then we have our little fun time we always do ever zone Conference, which includes a slide show of all the pictures that missionaries sent into the mission, which is always fun to see. Then before lunch Sister Peterson gave a 1 talk about the Doctrine of family which was really good, using the Family Proclamation! After that we ate lunch and did zone Pictures for about 45min, and then returned to our seats for the grand finally! Thats when President got up and talked to us for 4 hours! About the Priesthood, Doctrine of Christ, Family, and the Book of Mormon. I wish how I could have the time to share with you all what he shared with us. most of this stuff we all ready knew, but he showed us a different perspective, an eternal perspective, and also the deeper doctrines of all of it including the temple, it was INSANE! Even though it was almost 4 hours long, all of us were attentive, and just blown away in the Spirit. and then... Probably on of the most Spiritual moments happened in my entire life! The Spirit was all ready very strong, and definitely present in our meeting, but at the end When President Peterson bore a pure testimony to us, I felt as the whole chapel was lifted and was ascending to heaven. at this point everyone was crying, even I was trying very hard to keep it together for as long as I could! His testimony of the Savior,and Lord Jesus Christ was the most powerful testimony I have ever heard in my life, also as he shared his divine witness with us. Oh how I wish i could share with you what he said, but just Like Nephi of old "the Spirit constraineth me to write these things." This was a very sacred moment and I have felt that i shouldn't be shared openly. i have taken this experience personally, it has built my faith, it has driven me to work even harder, and with a hope one day I may too also receive such a divine witness of Our Lord Jesus Christ. I Think at that time I felt as i was one of the Nephites in the crowd as they say the Savior speak to those around him, just sitting there in awe, and amazement, and feeling the spirit in an abundance! i was a great moment in my life, and I will all ways remember it. Then at the very end, where I ended up breaking down was when President and Sister Peterson personally wanted to hug, thats when I broke down thinking this was the last time I would see him I just broke down, This man has helped me so much on my mission, through my struggles, and weaknesses, that non of you even know about, but just me and him. As I approached him I couldn't even speak or else I would have gotten his shirt all wet! it was ruff, and I think i was a little depressed for a couple minutes, as i pondered that event I thought about our time when we shall meet the savior for the first time after this life, remembering what he has done for us,and I believe just like that scripture says, we will all bathe his feet in our tears, how much joy will you have when you approach the savior and he just gives you a big hug and says welcome home! That brought so much joy to my soul, its hard to describe. Returning home that day i was just constantly pondering, evaluating, and thinking about my future potential and what i need to do in my own life to make sure when I reach the point when i meet my redeemer and creator that i can say that I did my best to follow him and what he would have me do. 

It was a good start of the week, work was just little bit because we also had a district Conference where we got to hear from Quiten L cook from a broadcast to the Philippines. We were still able to get some work done, and some really good lessons. I am more grateful then ever to be out here in my mission, and all the blessing that I have received from that choice in my life. Brothers and Sisters recognize something that I have recognized on my mission, that nothing temporal in this world, or nothing of it is more important then seeking to follow the commandments to exactness for your eternal salvation. Our time here on earth is extremely short compared to our time, which we shall spend in eternity! and it is according to how we act on our choices here on earth that will result into our eternal lives. Do wont eternal misery, or eternal Happiness? you choose, and act on it. 

I love this Gospel so much and the knowledge that it gives me, and how much Closer I have come to the Lord since I have started my journal, I could not imagine the person i would be without this experience, I don't know if I would have ever receive this kind of knowledge and understand the importance in life,and what purpose I serve here on earth. God has a purpose for all of his children here on earth, because we have accepted his plan to come here, become like him, and return to him, and continue our progression in eternity. I love you all, and miss you... but this is pretty sweet stuff and I think I will stay here a little bit longer.
Elder Kikel
-on the Lord's errand-
San Pablo Philippines Mission

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