Monday, July 14, 2014

The Finisher!

Drum roll please.......

dadadada.... dadadadada.... dadadadadada.....

I am not Transferred!!! ano ba yan!? Paano Yan!?

So I have been told that I am not going to be transferred which means I am going to be going 6 months on the Island of Mindoro! SWEET!!! Finishers baby! I can't describe the excitement that I have right now! I thought for sure I was transferred, I was kind of all ready saying my farewells to the members, and just preparing myself to have to leave the beautiful place! Now I don't have too! WHOOO! phew... what a relief knowing that I will finally be able to harvest those little tiny seeds that have just grown so big! So as of right now we have 2 for sure baptisms on the 26! WHOO!! So stoked! And we are going to do it in the OCEAN!!! WHOOO! Elder Kikel dunkin' in the Philippines! I am so excited and and Our two Investigators that are getting baptized are so prepared! We have been working really hard to help them really prepare themselves for baptism and stay active after! So I will explain who these to people are a little bit since I haven't really mentioned them before:

The first one was a referral from an Investigator that we are still teaching from forever ago, they are ready for baptism but they just need to be married... but their referral is like their best friend and her name is Jessica. She is 25, with one child that is almost 1. She is a single mother because the father ran off,(That happens a lot here in the Philippines.) and she is living with her dad. She has been really good from the beginning but her biggest concern was that her uncle who was a member of another church was trying to buy her out. If she would attend church at his church that he would pay her bills, and pay for her baby, and give her food and stuff like that! We were pretty worried because thats a tough concern to resolve. but, thanks to the Lord she resolved that concern by herself. She receive revelation through Church Attendance and told us the she knows this church is true! She told us yesterday that she feels that she is ready for baptism! 

The next Candidate is a young women who goes by the name of Catherine. Catherine is only 19 years old, and was a referral from a member in our Branch. The first day we met her is that our Member txted us and told us to pick her up for church! And we didn't even know where she lived or who she was! Turns out that her and her brother in law have been interested in the Church lately, and we have been teaching their family as well. Her brother in law (Oscar) will hopefully be baptized on August 9th he is progressing very well also. But ever since we picked them up for church that day and taught the Restoration they have been doing so well! This is the fourth week since we started teaching her and she is doing so well! She even comes with us to teach other investigators! She told us she wanted to help other people as they come closer to Christ, and prepare themselves for baptism! So she is doing really well and we are all super excited for her. Ha everyone in our Branch calls her "Si Maganda" which is kind of like saying "The Beautiful" so for example members will say to us "Saan si maganda? (Where is Beautiful?" or Kamusta and maganda? (How is Beautiful?). Everyone thinks she is so beautiful, my companion says she is a solid 8... tisk... tisk.. tisk... haha he is still new... These silly Filipinos when they see a girl who is tall a little chubby and white thats as beautiful as you can get here in Philippines! She is super nice, really mature, and totally ready for Baptism, the branch is all ready has her going to the temple right after her baptism! WHOO! Bonus points! She is pretty excited for that as well. 

You may have noticed that I said "A little chubby" haha... um well... let me explain... Here in the Philippines if you are dark you are ugly, kind of like in the America if you are super white its not very attractive. If you are tall you are automatically super attractive. If you are skinny you are NOT very attractive, kind of like in America if you are Fat you are not very attractive. (I am not saying this to be rude to anyone or anything like that just keepin it straight, and to the point, cuz good ol' Kikel has got himself a rice belly now, and has some work to do at the GYM when he gets back) So if you are chubby or kind of fat here in the Philippines you are GOLDEN! hahaha, the members tell me I am ugly because I am to skinny hahha... I love the members here!  Just some little facts about the Philippines! 

Good things are happening right now and and we are excited for some fun things to happen! Plus the Zone is just awesome! So since I am here again for another transfer that means I will be here all the way until September! Phew Sobrang tagal yan! (That is soo long!) Tagalog has been going really well, since for the last 3 months I have just been speaking straight Tagalog with my companion and the members really try and correct me when my grammar is wrong my Tagalog has been shooting through the roof right now. I guess you could say I am getting a lot closer to the Fluent line. I just need to start getting diligent with my language studies! 

Hopefully if all goes planned we will probably have another 6 Baptisms in August, and those investigators are progressing as well, there is just concerns we are trying to resolve with them. Church attendance has been great! We are planning to have 15 investigators at church this week, which is INSANE! the couple weeks we have been getting around 10-11! So this outcome has really got the Branch excited and just naturally pushing them to do their missionary work! Despite the last few challenging weeks I have had recently I think I am finally out of the mud and on dry ground looking for that Delicious fruit! but, who knows maybe the Lord will humble me again... Its all about aligning our will with his will and thats when the miracles happen! 

Good things to come, and better to happen! Thank you all for your Prayers, Support, and Love I have truly felt it, and I hope you can feel mine as well! 
Elder Kikel
-on the Lord's errand-
San Pablo Philippines Mission

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  1. Baptisms! Great feeling overall for everyone! 15 investigators coming to church, WOW thats awesome! Do what ever it takes to get them there. Go to there houses and dress them and put there shoes on there feet and then go back to the next guys to get them to come to church :) Exciting times. Glad you get to see what you have been working so hard on. :)