Monday, December 9, 2013

Training to be a trainer

So the news is out. I will be Training this next transfer!

Oh man, my 4th transfer and I am training all ready! My Trainer trained at his year mark, I am not ready! hahah I have only been in my area for 1 transfer ( 6 weeks).  Oh boy should this be interesting! I did not expect this. I thought I was going to be with my companion for another 2 months. Wow, this is crazy. Well by this time next week I will be getting ready for a new companion, and training. I will most likely stay in the area that I am in now. I could potentially have 6 months here in Lucena. Wow man do I have some work ahead of me. I know that the Lord will provide and help me to accomplish this task. The good ol' 1 Nephi 3:7 right?

Well now that we are all giddy and excited because good ol' Kikel here has taken off the Trainee paints and put on the Big Boy Trainer pants lets hear the news of the Area I will probably be working in. 

So work was slower this last week and we were not able to reach our goals, I got sick on day and my companion got sick the other day also. I was kind of disappointed in myself for letting this happen, but you know you are going to have your good weeks and your bad weeks. I am still trying to figure out how I can help this area to improve. We lack support from the ward so I think we are going to focus on talking to Bishop and the Stake President on how we can focus our efforts and get some baptisms. Thats pretty much it, not much has changed. 

The e-mails are starting to get smaller because now there is not so much new exciting stuff to report! Its all the same now. I am seeing the progress in myself as well as in other parts of missionary work and I can't wait to see what I can make of myself after a year! 

This last week was probably the fastest week in my mission. Even though I said it was slow we were working really hard this last week and it just went by so fast. 

Well thats all for today folks. Enjoy your day.
A beautiful landscape picture

Parker said this dog reminded him of Charlie(our dog)

This is a scary hanging bridge I don't like to cross!

Are they eating at a 7-11?(top left corner). Who new you could get a Slurpee in the Philippines!

Parker with his companion Elder Maiz - silly boys


-Elder Kikel

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