Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Too Fast Too Furious!

Wow, I say it every single week, but these weeks are starting to just go by faster and faster! I can't believe it! 

So after a very inspiring workshop by our Beloved Mission President, I feel very inspired to train and I am very excited to train now, now worries. Everything he said pretty much came down to this point. "Elder... Don't worry about the language, be obedient, and have faith in God. Good Luck." hahah It is just ridiculously crazy how inspired that man is, I am glad I have the opportunity to serve under his authority. I have been told recently last year when a member of the Seventy came to the San Pablo mission to give a talk, hey told the missionaries that we had one of the best Mission Presidents in the World. Which I think is absolutely cool to think about. I am so happy to be hear at this point and time in my life, to serve, and to be a disciple of Christ 24/7. It is a tough thing to do but they blessings and happiness that you receive and that you see others receive are just crazy.
At that Trainers meeting I saw a lot of my batch that came with me from the MTC! I was so happy and excited for them! It is weird to think that I actually have some experience in the field now and I am going to be helping a brand new missionary to adjust. I feel old! In our mission we call it being a Tatay (Father) and when you are training it is your Anak (Child/Kid) When you start to become more experience in the field people will ask you "How old are you in mission?" its funny. I am totally fine getting a great privilege to live in this country and serve for another year and a half. Every now and then it hits me, that I am in a different country, different language, different culture, doing a work that is very strenuous, and 5000 miles away from home. Guess what... I am only 19. Ha I don't feel 19 thats for sure. Elders always talk about marriage and careers and all the grown up stuff, and I just all ways think " Shoot, thats something I have to start thinking about soon!" NO! hahah that is so weird!
The work this last week has been pretty slow because my companion wants to visit a bunch of members he doesn't really want to work really hard because he only has 1 transfer left and he goes home, so its been kind of sucky but I just hope my trainee just have the drive to work, and we will go deep into this Area. We actually have a few investigators that are really progressing and are coming to church. We have given them Baptismal Goal Dates, and they seem pretty excited. They have fellowshippers, and friends in the church, they have also been attending church activites! Everything is perfect we just need to makes sure to teach them what they need to know, and to help them progress and know that this church is true for themselves!
We have a bunch of Christmas Parties coming up with members, and as a mission, and all kinds of stuff it is really cool to see everyone get all excited for Christmas, I have really missed home yet or gotten home sick from seeing all of it, but I'm sure that I will on Christmas Day, thats okay I got some good people around me. Things brings me to the subect of Christmas. We all know the true meaning of Christmas, and I am not going to give a long boring speech about what the true meaning of Christmas is. So just go out there and do it! Show that you really know what the meaning of Christmas is through Service!! Now knowing the blessings, and the good feeling you get from service I wished I would have done it a lot more back home. Just like Jesus said. " Whatever ye do to the least of your brethren, ye have opportunity  to serve those around you.  I know that if you do you will have an amazing experience.
Also one last thing, I want to try to leave a spiritual thought in my E-mails home and I have been failing at that lately.
Recently from the instructions of our Mission President to study one attribute of Christ the we more want to apply in our lives, I have been studying about Virtue. Weird for a guy right? There is so much more to Virtue then most people know. But, I want to touch more on an aspect of Virtue, which is Self-Mastery. If we can learn how to gain Self-Mastery over ourselves, thoughts, and actions. We can truly be blessed in our lives, and the lives of our families. We can avoid so many problems, and sorrows in our lives. Through Self-Mastery we can fortify ourselves against temptations, that we cannot fall off the foundation from which we are built upon. (Heleman 5:12)  I hope that you will all strive to obtain Self-Mastery in your own lives.
Well thats all folks, I hope you all have a very very happy Christmas! I probably get the chance to send out an E-mail right before Christmas! Have fun!
This is a picture of all of the Elders in my batch that are training!

-Elder Kikel

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  1. I remember getting my first greenie, it was a huge transition for me also and I was out 8 months when I got my first, Lewis is 4-5 months ahead of that schedule but it sure makes you grow up out there fast! I can feel is excitement along with him. Lewis is going to be a leader from the get go. Proud of him!