Sunday, December 29, 2013

A Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All!

The Holiday seasons are almost over! We can finally get to work!
Christmas was pretty cool over here in the Philippines. We just went around and visited members and pretty much ate more food then I have ate in my life! Members just make food all day long just to make sure if someone comes over that they can eat as much as they can. We also managed to get two lessons in which was awesome! Elder Strobelt is so awesome, the whole day he was just like " I'm sick of just eating food and wasting time, lets go teach some lessons!" hahahah. I am so lucky! Towards the end of the week we were really able to get to work and ended up teaching a lot of lessons. I am ready for the season to be over so we can finally get everyone to focus and start working! Work, Work, Work, thats the secret!
We have two investigators right now. Sister Annabel and Sister Elinor that are progressing so well right now, they are reading, praying, and coming to church! Their baptism is on the 25th of january and they are really trying to prepare themselves for it. The ward is really working hard to make them feel comfortable and fellowship them also, they are doing a great job. I am so excited that I might potentially have a baptism! It is such a blessing to teach someone from the beginning and watch them progress and see the Gospel bless their lives. We are working really hard to prepare them, and make sure that they are ready.
It has been mentioned that I need to starting sharing more random stories and experiences here in the Philippines, that usually wouldn't happen in America.
So this week...
I was at a members house for Christmas eating dinner. We were finishing up and I had to fart really bad... yes you know were this is going... My stomach hurt so bad! So I just tried to let out a little bit so some of the pressure would go away, but that turned out as a bad idea... I ended up farting so loud! I could not believe it! There was a ton of members there! They all just looked at me for a few seconds and they just all busted out laughing! haha. The people in the Philippines just don't care and are just the most fun loving people!
Yesterday Elder Strobelt and I were tracting and we came across a few people standing outside of their house, and so we went up to them and starting talking and ask them what they were doing. In less then two minutes we were in chairs scarfing down food! The people here are so freaking hospital it is awesome! We barely even know these peoples names and we were all eating food and talking like we were all best friends! They were having a birthday party for someone in their family, and they were just so happy the two good looking white guys showed up. They took pictures with us and all that stuff! haha it just amazes me how people can just be so friendly! Then of course we shared a message with them.
Lastly this week, which most of you may be suprised, but it happens all the time I just have never mentioned it in my e-mails. During one of our lessons my new companion was trying to share part of the lesson, when the lady we were teaching just plops down her shirt and start breast feeding her baby. Hahahahah! My companion just started to studder and didn't really know what to do so I just took over. Oh man it was so funny. It happens all the time here in the Philippines, and its just a cultural thing here nobody cares.
Well I hope those gave you some good laughs. I hope you all had a good Christmas and will enjoy some more feasting for New Years!
Love you all, and I thank you all for your support, you guys are awesome!
Parker trying to be like Malone

We sent Parker this Jersey for Christmas

-Elder Kikel

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