Sunday, December 29, 2013

Maligayan Pasko ( Merry Christmas ) (12/23/13)

Christmas time is here!! Wow I don't even feel like its Christmas all ready! I look at the schedule and see that Christmas is in two days, and I think... meh... ayos lang. Meaning its not a big deal. I am just worried how we are even suppose to be able to to teach! Everyone is going to be so busy with their Christmas activites! Just know when you are enjoying your jammies, eating your delicious food, and being all comfy like, Ill be in a hot room sweating, and doing my studies! hahah. That is okay cause thats what I want to do.
This last week has been pretty crazy and all over the place, just getting ready to train, to all the Christmas Parties, and Zone conferences that we have been having! Training! I am sure you all want to know how that has been going, oh, well let me tell you! My trainee is from Australia and his name is Elder Strobelt, and he doesn't know any Tagalog.... Oh boy... haha So its true people. I got a foreigner as my first trainee! It actually has been was awesome these last couple days serving with him. Elder Strobelt just wants to get out there and work, he is so pumped, and he is very obedient! He is just willing to do anything, and all he wants to do is speak Tagalog. He is not scared to do anything, he even asked me the second day we worked together. " Elder when am I going to lead the lesson?" What!? I didn't ask that question until I was maybe towards the end of my last area! He is so good! He has got a good attitude which is my favorite part. He is adjusting very nicely because he went to the Manilla MTC. He is a really cool guy, and we are all ready getting along. Training has been way fun, yes it has been difficult because of the language but I actually don't really care about that right now cause I know now that if we try our best the Lord will take care of the rest for us. I told Elder Strobelt. " If we are obedient, and have faith, and do our very best. We don't have anything to worry about and these next 12 weeks are going to be great." He is just so pumped he does so much stuff without even being asked or told to do it, he is trying to so hard to speak the language as much as he can, and to learn. I feel after these next 12 weeks he will progress in the language much faster then I have and I will start to be fluent. Who ever is there when I skype will probably get a little taste of Tagalog haha.
The work in our area this last week has been really slow because we have had all these Christmas parties and dinner appts. and also preparing for transfers. I feel like it is also going to be hard this next week also because of Christmas and New Years. We will try our best though, and try to enjoy ourselves at the same time! After the Holidays we plan to really dig deep and get this place going. I have to take advantage of this drive of my new companion while I can!
I want to give a special thanks to those Beehives I believe that sent me the Care Package from home! That was awesome! I didn't expect anything like that and it really brought a smile to my face. Plus the snack attack was good... I got sick again... haha worth it! I really appreciate the love and support you guys are giving me, and I am so grateful for all of it. I hope you all have a very merry Christmas!
Something I just wanted to share was that this last week I was pondering about my mission and the time that I have left and what I am doing here. The thought came to me as to how much of a blessing, opportunity, and honor, to serve a mission. I realized it is a HUGE blessing at this point in my life to be strengthen in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That fact that I have two years to study this gospel 24/7 is one of the greatest opportunities I have been given. There is so much to learn from the Gospel that can change our lives around, and all of it is just by reading the Book of Mormon. After starting to understand the Atonement and other Doctrines of Christ in my mission it is truly an Honor to represent our Savior himself and bear his name over my heart. Christ is in my heart, his name is en graven and can never be removed. I know to much now and things have changed, my views have changed, my actions have changed, and my understand has changed. Now, that is a blessing. I am grateful for this opportunity in my life and I am glad that I have another year and half to study as much as I can, and to learn. I feel that I will be one of those criers when its time for me to come home, which I feel will come very fast. I encourage all those who are feeling, thinking, or preparing for a mission that they should follow those promptings and feelings that they are getting, because if you will serve a mission with the right purpose and the right attitude, it will change your life. I don't feel like I am a kid anymore, I feel like I have much more to live up to now and I have many more responsibilities
when it come to the point when I return. I hope you will all make time especially on Sundays to study the scriptures, and the Doctrine of Christ. No one can take away your Knowledge.
I hope you all have a good week and a Merry Christmas!
Mahal Ko kayong lahat! mamamiss ko kayong lahat hanggang panihon ng Pasko. Mahal kayo ng Diyos. nagpapasalamat ako para sa inyong lahat! Maraming Salamat! Maligayan Pasko!
Elder Strobelt

-Elder Kikel

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