Monday, November 4, 2013

Watch out Jehovah Witnesses, here comes Elder Kikel!

All just start off with the bummer news first, just to get it out of the way.

This last week of work has not been so well, frankly terrible. We had a few holidays over here and also just the knowledge that we might be transferred discourage us and slow us down. We were barely able to teach lessons and didn't really do much, most of it is because of our faults, we got very lazy and the motivation was lost. I felt really bad about these things lately and I have told myself that I wouldn't let it happen again, because our area is not doing very well, and we barely have any investigators! I know Elder Mack and I can do better but, Tomorrow I will find out if I get transferred our not. Elder Nerza our district leader, and his companion Elder Gallen our getting pulled out, I am not sure why. So that means either Elder Mack becomes the new District Leader or one of us is going to be in this area for 6 months. We can't both be in the same area for 6 months because that would mean we both get transferred, and then the area gets closed for a while cause there are no missionaries! So I think I will be getting transferred tomorrow, but I am not for sure. 

I can't believe how fast time is flying its insane! I have all ready been in the Philippines for 3 months now! Wow! Where did that go!? I have been on a mission for 4 and half months! what!? There are times were I think wow I still have 20 months left that it so far, how am I going to do this? but, most of the time I think, wow! I only have 20 months, and I have almost done a quarter of my mission all ready! I don't have enough time! So it has its ups and downs. 

I do look forward to the point in my mission where I finally have everything down and I can just go Kikel Spaz in missionary work and just to the best that I can do, till the very end. Coming home to me is unimaginable, it would be so weird for me. I am living such strict rules every single day, I would feel everything that I am doing is against the rules! haha! That time will come, some day. Right now I just want to enjoy that fact that I am in the Philippines. I mean come one, I am all the way around the world, living in a completely different country, with a different culture, and a different language! Thats pretty sweet.

Elder Mack and I were walking down the street the other day, and this car pulls up to us, and in the window we see two men wearing Halloween masks. We just thought, " oh this will be interesting" The guys were obviously drunk, and we could smell it, but they pretty much told us if we needed a friend, we should just call him. hahah. Yes, he did give us his phone number. Later on the day we say the same to guys dancing in the street like bafoons. Elder Mack and I were laughing so hard! This other time we were on our way to an appointment, yesterday actually. While we were walking we so A LOT of Jehovah's Witnessses missionaries tracting houses. They were every where! When we got close to the house of the appointment that we had, we saw that there were a few Jehovah's witnesses talking to our Investigator. Elder Mack got scared and didn't want to walk up to them, I was just like. " Shoot man! Thats our investigator! I'm going in, back me up!" Haha the look on those missionaries faces were priceless,. when we walked up to Brother Oscar and he just let us in. Hahah. It was funny, but I give props to those missionaries out there, they are just doing what they believe is right, just like we are. There is nothing wrong with that.

Anyways I leave all you guys with a spiritual thought. First of all something that I realized this last week during personal study, is that the Lord even calls the weak to do his work. All he wants from us is to do our best. In the Preach My Gospel it say that a successful missionary is one who does the absolute best the they can, and feel the spirit working through them, even if they don't have immediate success in their labors. If we try our very best, the Lord will take care of the rest. This gave me comfort in the thought about my challenges learning Tagalog, after every lesson I get so frustrated cause I wasn't able to convey the message I wanted to convey. Now I know that it doesn't matter if I can't fully explain or teach the lesson to my full potential, but as long as I try my best, the Lord will take care of the rest for me! Knowing this it has helped me to realize, I can handle anything that comes my way in my mission, as long as I seek the Lord's help, and do my absolute best. I haven't been doing this lately but I plan on doing so now. This principle just doesn't apply to me or missionaries, this can apply to everyone. As you do your best to follow the commandments of the Lord, he will take care of the rest for you. but, the question is... Are you doing your best?

Another thing that I found particularly powerful was a scripture that Elder Mack came across for one of our investigators who is going through many trails in his life right now. This scripture is the very, and exact answer why we have trails in our life, and why God would let such bad things happen too such good people. Remember everyone that every trail and challenge we go through in our lives, is ESSENTIAL to our salvation. They give us experience, and they are for our good. I know through the Gospel of Jesus Christ we are able to overcome any challenge we face in life. Don't loose faith my friends, and never doubt God. 
D&C 122:7
 Me chillin with like the coolest cats I have ever seen! They are my ward mission leader's cats. 

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 Me and Elder Gallen wrestling, he knows a lot of martial arts stuff, and has been through a couple weeks of Basic Training in the US Military. He is so funny. 

We did a service project that we did with the YSA group. It was fun. We had to pull most of the grass and plant life out of one of the members yard's.
 Me just working like a boss. In my boots.
hahahaha this one is with me and Elder Nerza. He is about 5' 1" I believe. I am almost taller then him on my knees. The average Filipino is like 5' 6"-8"

Lastly but not least for this week. Is that Big Poppa Kikel got himself a new ride on his mission. nahh... It was one of our Investigators and I just had to get a picture of me on it hahahaha


Till next time.

-Elder Kikel

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