Monday, November 18, 2013


Once again my Family and Friends its time for the Weekly Report!

So things here in Lucena are pretty much the same as my last area according to the work. I think the ward is a lot better and more willing to help us out, but we haven't really gotten any member present lessons. So that stinks.. Oh well, Elder Maiz and I are trying to gain the trust of members so that they will trust is with Referrals! So the work is still hard, I think it will always be hard, you know why? Because, SALVATION IS NOT A CHEAP EXPERIENCE! I look forward to reep the rewards of the fruit of my labors, I am not quite there yet. We have 3 Baptismal Goal dates in December so hopefully we can really help them to prepare themselves to be baptized on those days in December. One of them Jonathan was pretty prepared, he has been  taught a few times but since I was new we retaught him. I talked to him about the restoration a little bit and ask him some basic baptismal interview questions. He answered them all perfectly and he says he knows and wants to be baptized. Then he even worked with us after we taught him! Ha! That was something I wasn't expecting. He is a really nice kid and want to do the right thing, he even asked me if I had a facebook and when I would be returning home. So I think he added me on facebook haha. He name is Jonathan Javierto. So yeah we are just going to keep on keeping on! 

I gave a talk in Sacrament meeting and of course again I went way to long and spoke all in english, When I feel the spirit I just start to speak in english hahaha at first they were all excited to hear from me, but then I took to long and half of them couldn't really understand me so at the end of my talk I saw a lot of heads down and a lot of people not paying attention haha! When I sat down and went over my talk, I realized something, "Wow, I am a boring talker" so next time I need to keep it short and in Tagalog! 

The language has been getting better obviously because I am around Filipinos all the time! Except for now, One of the Elders in my apartment finished his mission and went home today, so I have a new Zone Leader and he is from Sandy, Utah. He is name is Elder Boyd. He is pretty cool. 

Well ya know, not a whole lot from me this week, just the same old, same old missionary stuff. Some days are super exciting and others are just not as much. 

Love all of you and hope things are good back home! 

Maybe in the next couple weeks ill throw a few Tagalog paragraphs in my letters. 


-Elder Kikel

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  1. Those baptisms will really help with his faith, having 3 will be amazing!