Monday, November 11, 2013

Typhoon Survivor

Hey everybody!

 So first of all, once again I am safe and everything is well after the Typhoon. 

From what I know, the area that I was in during the Typhoon was kind of on the outskirts of the storm so we didn't really get hit hard. They was some crazy wind, and rain, but just some fallen trees, and stuff like that. Nothing crazy like what I have recently been hearing. I can't believe what has happened. Our mission President told us we needed to stay inside because there was a super Typhoon, so I was thinking we were going to be running around helping people evacuate and stuff. Nope, everyone is fine over here, no help needed. I remember thinking during the storm, " This is a Super Typhoon?". After hearing more about the Typhoon I was shocked to hear what happened and the destruction the came from it, and how big the Typhoon it was. For those who don't know, as missionaries here in the Philippines, we have no TV's no radios, no Smart phones, no nothing, to here about the news. We find these things out through rumors and members. The storm passed where I was at and we just went to work the next day. So everything is fine here. But, man first the Earthquake, and now this!? The Philippines is really getting hit hard. Always keep them in your prayers, there are many people suffering.

Well on a lighter note, I was TRANSFERRED! Yay... It was a interesting experience. I was transferred to an area called Lucena. If you type in Philippines, Lucena you could probably find the general location of where I am at. My new companion is Elder Maiz, he is Filipino! Oh man does he talk fast, I can barely understand his Tagalog, and he speaks basic English, so it is kind of hard to communicate with him. Since I have been with Elder Maiz I have realized that I can speak more Tagalog then I thought I could, it's crazy! He is really helping me to learn the language and I am helping him with his English. Elder Maiz is a really cool and nice guy, he goes home in 2 months, and has all ready admitted to me that he is starting to get a little trunky. I told him that I was going to help him work hard, have success, and enjoy the last few months of his mission. Hopefully I will be able to accomplish this. I feel like Elder Maiz and I will do great things together and we will get a long just fine. My new area is still a city but has more jungle life to what I was expecting when I came here. It was the first time I actually had to trek through the jungle to get to investigators houses, it was sweet! Shoes and pants, covered in mud. It was a cool experience. 

I had a really hard time though when I got here because I also live with the Zone Leaders and they are Filipinos also so all they do is speak Tagalog and I couldn't understand a word they were saying. Even though they welcomed me and were very friendly, and funny. For some reason I just felt so down, and overwhelmed. The Zone Leaders were tell me that this area sucks, and that its super hard here, and members to help us and stuff. I was just thinking I am never going to have any success! Plus, I got the package you guys sent me, and just went crazy on the candy. I got so sick that day and ended up throwing up all night and not eating for a while hahah so I was really physically weak and just not in the right mind set. Being in a new area, with a new companion, harder and more difficult challenges, just kind of overwhelmed me there for a little bit. On Sunday I decided to fast for strength and sensitivity of the spirit that I might be able to work hard in this area and have success. It's been hard lately, all of my batch that I came with from the MTC have all ready gotten baptisms and have great success, and people say they always get at least 1 baptism every transfer, and I haven't gotten any yet, or really had any immediate success yet, so I was just getting really down about all of it. During sacrament meeting on Sunday I was just thinking about all of this and how I am going to cope with it, and I remember I just felt the biggest feeling of comfort come over me, and the words coming to my head, and actually saying it out loud to myself. " Elder Kikel, Its okay." For some reason from these few words that came to my mind made all the stress and worries go away. I just felt that it doesn't matter what success I have or do not have, as long as I am trying my best to invite others to come unto Christ. I did receive strength and I felt the spirit working through me that day, and I felt God's love for me. Just those words... "Elder Kikel. Its okay" made all the difference, so I am just going to keep on pushin and hoping and having faith for the best! 

Elder Maiz and I have all ready made plans to work together to find new Investigators and turn this place around, so hopefully in the next few weeks we see some progress. Thanks for all the support, you guys give me, I love hearing from ya, and I am sorry if I don't reply immediately. I hope all is well for you all and I hope you enjoy  a happy Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.

I'll be working....

-Elder Kikel 
This is me and my new companion Elder Maiz


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  1. I can't believe that there has been 2 major disasters there both of which I have been nervous for you each time. Glad to hear that Lewis is Safe! Transfers always suck but there fun to take on a new challenge all at the same time. The Zone leaders need to stay positive for everyone not say that the area sucks. I do feel that Lewis is strong and will be effective anywhere he goes.