Monday, October 28, 2013

"Why so serioussss?!"

Hey everyone how are things going!?

Todays e-mail is not going to be as long but here it is anyways.

This last Tuesday I went on exchanges with another Elder that I live with. His name is Elder Gallen. He is my same batch meaning he got here the same time I got here. He hasn't been progressing as fast as others have and he is having a really hard time with everything, he has tried to go home a couple times now, but President won't let him haha!
So when we went on exchanges all four of us in our apartment didn't expect good things to happen from that day, but prove to be challenging. Last Tuesday was my most successful day on my mission, me and Elder Gallen did great together! He was really weird, but it was really cool to see, if we put our faith in the Lord he will help us to accomplish his work. I spoke a whole lot more Tagalog then I though I could so that was also interesting, but most of the lessons we taught were in English. We had some spiritual experiences and we both got a lot out of our exchanges together! 

I was talking with one of the Ward Missionaries that I know better then the others, and he told to me that all the Ward Missionaries are scared of me cause I am so serious all the time and I yell at them. haha, oops! So I have been more relaxed around them and starting to be more goofy, and they are all starting to like me now and they all ways joke around with me. The reason why I have been so serious with them, and not really being friendly is because I don't want to become good friends with them, and then get transferred, but I guess its just something I have to expect, cause they have started to work with Elder Mack and I since I have been more outgoing.

Elder Mack and I are starting to play a lot more basketball in the mornings now since we kind of know some of the kuyas (guys/boys) that play. They always get so excited when I show up, and want me to be on their team. Since I am super tall and white they think I am the best at basketball, boy do they get disappointed haha. Sometimes, I am starting to get a lot better now because I am starting to play so much. I can now dunk, I repeat, I can now dunk. It was sweet! I kept telling them I could't dunk, and I got up and tried and just slammed it in, I was shocked myself! So they keep throwing me ally-oops in games, but it never works haha. 

The work here is Sta. Rosa 2 has been the same we are struggling to find new investigators still, and we are now focusing our efforts on teaching members so we can gain their trust and receive referrals from them. I has proven to start working, they are enjoying us a lot. 

I have a feeling that I might get transferred soon (Nov 7) So I will find out if that happens next Monday or Tuesday. I don't feel like I am ever going to change areas or companions, so it will definitely be an experience if I do get transferred.

Thanks again everyone for you support you are all awesome! 

-Elder Kikel

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  1. Lewis the dunk master!!!! Thats great to hear that he is lightening up a little. This is where the fun begins with getting close with everyone. Just stick them under his wings to help them out. Ahhh moment from the parenting section in Utah. :)