Monday, October 21, 2013

Week something, I don't know


So, first of all, I am okay, and safe. The earthquake in the Philippines was over 250 miles away from my area, and didn't even feel a thing. Still, pray for those who were affected by this event, and I fear that some of our missionaries were affected also, I am not quite sure.

This last week we finally moved into our new apartment, which is like 10 times better then our last. It is really nice. I actually have a shower head now! Woo! No more bucket showers! It is a lot bigger and we have so much more room to do laundry and other stuff. Our rooms are a lot bigger which is nice and I sleep so much better! The actual moving process wasn't very fun, but we got it done and now we don't need to worry about it!

Nothing really interesting this week happened, so I'll talk more about missionary work, since I haven't really talked about it lately.

It basically still the same and just as hard. Elder Mack and I are having a hard time finding new investigators. The most frustrating thing that we have been dealing with lately is investigators agreeing to be baptized and then not following through with commitments, and really just not progressing at all, so the baptisms don't happen. The work is definitely proving challenging, and Elder Mack and I are trying to find new investigators to increase our teaching pool so that our schedules are busy. Sometimes we find ourselves with nothing to do, and then we get unmotivated and nothing gets done. We are trying to stay more motivated and determined to do the work from the time we wake up till the time we go to bed. I have been trying to study harder, and to really pray and seek guidance for help. I really want to do my best to improve this area and to bring more souls unto Christ and for others to feel and joy, and happiness that comes from living the Gospel! The language is still proving very difficult but, I will get there at some point.  (hopefully) ha. 

Not much this week, its been pretty rough. Hopefully next week ill have some sweet stuff for you guys to hear. This week I tried to think about what would be good to share to you guys back home, and feel what was needed to be heard. Two things came to my mind.

St. Matthew 25: 31-46.

This is Jesus teaching the parable of the Sheep and the Goats. When I read these verses the thing that comes to my mind is Charity. What is Charity? (Moroni 7: 44-47) Charity is the Pure love of Christ. When we have Charity we have Christ's Love, we start to see people as Christ would see them. When we can see them as Christ would see them we start to have a desire to serve them. When do service as Christ would to do our fellow brethren, we begin to feel his love and grace. Service is the best way to feel God's love. 

Help those who are in need, and turn them not away. 

Mosiah 4: 11-12

I read this scripture and thought it was a very powerful scripture. 
We need to remember that we are nothing without Christ, and his teachings in our lives. 

Thanks for all of the love and support you all give me. It definitely helps!


-Elder Kikel

Nothing like enjoying a ice cold Pop Cola on a hot day!

Also had some Dragon Fruit! I just got it because It looked delicious and it is from Fruit Ninja. It was really good!

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  1. Wow the dragon fruit looks awesome! I want to try that sometime. Glad to hear that the earthquake was 250 miles away from Lewis. Great scripture.