Monday, October 14, 2013

The Enforcer!

Hello Everyone!

I loved everyone's e-mails that they have sent to me. I love hearing from you and how things are going!

First off I was finally able to watch Conference! Man oh man how much better conference is when you are actually seeking to gain from the talks that are being given! I can't even describe how awesome it was, why couldn't I realize this earlier!? All the talks were so good! I think my favorite talk was from Dieter F Uchtdorf when he talked about raising to our full potential! It was very inspiring and I just wish I could share my thoughts and impressions to you all on each and every single talk. I thought they were all very good, and I learned from them. I can't wait to for the next one! 

So I have to start trimming down my letters now, Sorry. We are only suppose to e-mail for about an hour and half, and I usually spend 2-3hrs on mine cause I am always so detailed haha! So in my efforts to striving to work to my full potential in missionary work and being obedient to the rules I have to start following the rules more strictly. I am also trying not to become the White Hand Book nazi, where every little rule someone breaks I freak out on them. but, I am not don't worry I know when to have fun and when to be serious. That is one thing I have noticed about myself since I have been on my mission. I have changed a lot. I am always so serious, so focused on what we need to do, that I'm  not very goofy that often. I'm serious cause its a serious work that we are doing here! but, don't worry the goofy is still inside me, I'll let it loose when I get home!

Ugh! this last week has probably has just been so stressful, and probably the more frustrating week I have had since I have been here! Dealing with Pasaway missionaries, trying to help other missionaries from going home! and trying to motivate others to do better! It's been stressful but I am doing my best. I want to complain about my companion but I won't cause there is no need for that, it just finally that time where I just know him to well and there is just those things that get under my skin. Just working on my patience that's all.

So the funniest things just happened as I am typing this e-mail. So one of the pasaway missionaries are playing video games on the computer while we are e-mailing and our Ward Mission Leader comes in and stands right behind him and watches him play for almost 5 mins and he didn't even know he was there! Oh when he saw him there it was so funny! Justice at last! muwahaha we try to tell him to get off and all the joyous stuff but he just ignores us. He goes home in a couple weeks so I am guessing he is just trunky! I better not be that way, someone remind me not to when the time comes!

Today we moved from apartment to a nicer one. It was a very stressful and frustrating experience, probably because I basically did it myself. but, it got done and its finished so thats all the matters. Hopefully no more ghosties! We haven't really had any problems since that first night. I don't really care anymore if strange sounds start happening in the night, I'm just a boss like that ya know.

Well It is time for me to go. I forgot to prepare a scriptural/spiritual message, just from all the things that have been going on. hmm... 

The Chapter of 2 Nephi 31
It is about Baptism and is one we use to help our Investigators see the importance of Baptism. but, as I have read this Chapter many times over, I have found many other doctrines and teachings that have helped me. I hope it will help you. Remember always your Baptismal Covenants, and strive to keep them each and every single day!

I love you all, thank you so much for the support! 

Only 20 months to go ;) 

-Elder Kikel

P.S. My return date is June 17, 2015

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  1. What a time to be on a mission especially after that awesome general conference that was all about missionary work. Lewis is laying down the hammer! :)